Student Privacy: FERPA and CCP

Under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the rights accorded to a parent, which would include permission and consent, transfer to a student who turns 18 or enters an institution of post-secondary education. This encompasses all dual enrollment classes offered by the district in cooperation with a college or university, including those offered within the school buildings by district faculty serving as college adjuncts. Parents still maintain the right to access student records (e.g., final grades, attendance) as long as the student is a dependent student for tax purposes, but any communication about student work, performance, or other issues from the normal course of instruction are kept between the instructor and student.  An excellent primer on the overall topic is available through Columbus State Community College.

Students are accountable for their own behaviors and actions. Compliance with the rules of the school, including attendance, will be addressed directly to the student. Correspondence from the school will be sent directly to the student via the district-provided email.  It is the expectation of the student to keep his/her parents informed.