Selecting & Registering for Your Classes

  • Each Pickerington student is unique and, similarly, no two classes are identical. Pickerington Schools offer a variety of courses and programs to accommodate the varied educational interests of our many students. Explore the wealth of information provided below. School counselors can also help guide students through the numerous options and requirements. 

    CLICK on this LINK or IMAGE below for all graduation planning, including reviewing Honors Diploma criteria and evaluation rubrics for various components such as Demonstrate Readiness Seals.  

    Link to active Graduation Requirements


  • Note: Individuals needing additional assistance regarding the accessibility of the step-by-step directions below should contact their school counselors.

    Students who are currently in grades 8-11 will use a feature in Infinite Campus called the “Multi-Year Academic Planner” (MYAP) to both request courses for next year, and to plan their remaining years in high school. Please follow these steps when accessing the MYAP.

    1. Before Using the Infinite Campus Multi-Year Academic Planner
    2. Print out a scheduling transcript to view previous courses, grades, and credits earned by logging into your Infinite Campus account through a web browser, then go to “Reports” and “Scheduling Transcript.”
    3. View any counselor’s presentations (found later on this page) given to students.
    4. Review the Course Registration Guide beforehand to learn more about the classes, credits, fees, etc.
    5. Review the other helpful documents on the Course Registration page to learn more about the graduation requirements, grading policies, diplomas, NCAA standards, etc.
    6. Log into the portal using a web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer). Mobile devices using a web browser/internet connection can be used, but you will not be able to use the mobile app for course registration.

Course Load & Grading Policies

  • Auditing or Repeating a Course

  • Credits, Class Passing, Course Load

  • Early Graduation

  • Pass/Fail Option

  • Schedule Change Policy

About Credit Flex

  • Credit flexibility applies to any coursework, assessment, or performance completed outside of traditional high school course offerings. If a student is using credit flexibility to receive transcript credit, he/she must receive approval from the Credit Flexibility Committee prior to starting any credit flex experience. Credit awarded through this process will be posted on the student’s transcript and count toward a student’s grade point average, class rank, and as graduation credit in required subject areas or as an elective. Students may demonstrate proficiency through the test-out process or they may propose an educational option that demonstrates course proficiency.

  • Process

  • Forms & Links

NCAA Course Eligibility for College-Bound Athletes

  • If students are planning to enroll in college and wish to participate in Division I or Division II sports, they must be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Center. There are several steps in this process. Students should initiate the process early in their sophomore year. For more detailed information and the application materials, contact the Counseling Office or refer to the NCAA Eligibility Center online at this link.

    Note: Most flex credit and correspondence courses do not meet NCAA eligibility requirements. Please check with your counselor about specific requirements.

    The NCAA Eligibility Center has suggested a four-year timeline to ensure that students are on track to graduate high school and ensure NCAA eligibility as college athletes.  Be sure to check with your coaches and athletics offices for more information. A printable checklist from the NCAA Eligibility Center is available to help students plan high school to smooth their transitions into Division I or Division II schools.