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  • Shannon Lopez, Districtwide Attendance and Residency Coordinator Families move into the Pickerington Schools district throughout the year. We are prepared to welcome new Tigers and Panthers throughout the year. Our Welcome Center gives families a central location to answer questions, provide district information, and process online registrations. Online registration for incoming kindergarten students begins in March for the following school year.

    Shannon Lopez is Pickerington Schools' districtwide attendance and residency coordinator. Mrs. Lopez is happy to answer any questions you may have about registering your child into Pickerington Schools. Contact Mrs. Lopez by phone at 614-920-6180 or by email

    Pickerington Schools uses an online registration form to process new-to-Pickerington Schools student registrations. Registration must be completed by a parent or legal guardian who lives with the student within the Pickerington Schools district.

    If you are a current Pickerington Schools family with an active Infinite Campus Parent account, please go to your account to register your child.


      • Online Registration Process

        While completing the online registration process, you will need to upload these required documents:

        • PROOF OF AGE

        You must provide a copy of your child's birth certificate. Other documents authorized by law as proof of age and birth date may be accepted. Please refer to board policy 5112 - Entrance Requirements.


        This is required for registration into kindergarten, grade 7, and grade 12.

        Immunization records and all physician forms must be marked "Attention: Nurse" and submitted to your child's school building before August 1.


        You must provide two of the following

          • Current mortgage statement or current signed lease agreement* (including landlord's signature).
          • Current electric, gas, or water bill. This must show your name and address and cannot be more than 45 days old. We do not accept trash service bills, cable/internet bills, mortgage interest statements, escrow statements, or survivorship deeds.
          • If you own your home outright, please contact us, for a list of acceptable residency documents. 
          • Please note: If you are the parent or guardian of the student you are enrolling and you are not listed on the mortgage/lease or you are not married to the lease/mortgage holder, you must file the Shared Residency Affidavit (please click on the Residency tab above). Please follow the instructions on the affidavit and submit it along with your other documents. 
        • Custody documents (if applicable). Please submit a judge-signed or court-stamped copy of your separation agreement, divorce decree, or shared parenting plan.

        If you have difficulty uploading your documents to our online registration portal, you may send them to us by email or text 614-920-6180, or in-person by appointment.

        When you have completed the pre-registration process and the Welcome Center has reviewed and approved your registration, you will receive email confirmation of your child's enrollment into Pickerington Schools. Welcome to the Pickerington Schools community! 

      Annual Student Update

      • Annual Student Update

        Each school year, parents are asked to update and submit the required “Back to School Forms” for their student(s).  These include:

        • Emergency Medical Authorization
        • Student Handbook Acknowledgement
        • Device Agreement
        • Technology Protection Plan
        • Field Trip Authorization Form

        The Annual Update is live on Infinite Campus Parent Portal starting in July.

        Please review and update your student’s information by logging into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal and completing the Annual Update.  Most of the information will be pre-populated for you and you will simply double-check that the information is still accurate.

        The Emergency Medical Form will require you to review and make necessary changes prior to submitting it.

        Please do not complete the Annual Update until you are notified to do so. If you complete the annual update prior to then, you may be asked to complete it again as the forms do not update until we officially end the academic calendar year on June 30.

        Change of Address

        Please see the Residency tab for the Pickerington Schools Change of Address Form.


      Building Transfer

      • Intradistrict building transfer allows a student who lives in one part of the Pickerington Schools district to attend a school outside of their home school attendance boundary. Due to current enrollment, intradistrict building transfer is severely limited. The following are closed to incoming intradistrict building transfer requests for the 2023-24 school year:

        • Diley Middle School: Limited availability. 
        • Fairfield Elementary: Kindergarten, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 are closed.
        • Harmon Middle School: Grade 5 is closed.
        • Heritage Elementary: Kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 are closed.
        • Lakeview Junior High: All grades are closed.
        • Pickerington Elementary: Kindergarten, grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 are closed.
        • Pickerington High School Central: All grades are closed.
        • Pickerington High School North: Limited availability in all grades. 
        • Ridgeview Junior High: All grades are closed. 
        • Sycamore Creek Elementary: Kindergarten, grade1, grade 3, grade 4 are closed.
        • Toll Gate Elementary: All grades are closed.
        • Toll Gate Middle School: All grades are closed.
        • Tussing Elementary: Kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 are closed. 
        • Violet Elementary: All grades are closed.

        Additional grades may be added without notice based on new enrollment or pending requests. If you are interested in intradistrict building transfer for the 2023-24 school year, please complete the Intradistrict Building Transfer Request found under the Enrollment tab.

        Open enrollment allows a student to attend school tuition-free in a district other than the district in which the student's parents or guardians reside. Pickerington Schools does not participate in open enrollment and will not accept students from outside of the Pickerington Schools district. To learn more about open enrollment in Ohio, please visit the Ohio Department of Education's website. This link opens in a new window. 

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