Social Studies Courses

  • The State of Ohio curriculum is the benchmark established by the Ohio State Board of Education for students to complete credits in high school Social Studies. More information about the curriculum is available on the Secondary Curriculum Website. Pickerington requires three credits, 1 each from World History, American Government, Principles of Democracy, and Economics.

    College Credit Plus students will receive additional information for the next steps via email after scheduling is complete.


Courses Meeting World History Requirement for Graduation

  • World History

  • Pre-AP World History and Geography

  • AP European History

  • AP Human Geography

Courses Meeting Government Requirement for Graduation

  • Principles of Democracy (P.O.D.)

  • AP United States Government and Politics

  • American Politics and Government CCP

Courses Meeting American History Requirement for Graduation

  • American History

  • AP United States History

  • Modern American History CCP

Courses Meeting Financial Literacy Requirements for Graduation

  • Financial Literacy

Social Studies Electives

  • History of American Sport

  • Modern American Wars

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • African-American History Before 1877 CCP

  • African-American History Since 1877 CCP

  • Ethnic and Cultural Diversity CCP

  • AP Micro/Macroeconomics

  • AP Psychology