• In Pickerington Schools, we have built a foundation on one idea: Educating for tomorrow.

    Three simple words. So much meaning.

    Educating for tomorrow means our schools are preparing our students for both the opportunities and challenges they will face living in an increasingly globalized society. It means we will continue to invest in the kinds of vital technology that will prepare our children for college and career. It means our educators are always looking ahead. We never rest on past successes and always ask one critical question: “What can we do better?”

    Educating for tomorrow. It’s a philosophy that we will not just prepare our children to succeed in today’s complex and competitive environment, because we know today is fleeting. Instead, we will ready Pickerington’s students to succeed tomorrow, to tackle whatever changes and challenges the future presents. To grow. To succeed. To excel.

    We also know that when a family looks for a place to live, learn and play, schools are a decisive factor.

    What makes Pickerington Schools distinct? The district is the 13th largest in Ohio, with almost 12,000 students in 17 schools. The district posts some impressive results academically, including a four-year graduation rate of 95.3 percent of our students, earning the district an “A+” on the state report card.

    Approximately 80 percent of our teachers have master’s degrees, and our average teacher has 14 years of experience in the classroom.

    We are highly invested in educational technology. In recent years, we have invested millions of dollars as we move to a “one-to-one” device-to-student ratio. Starting in 2017, every student in Pickerington Schools has had access to a district-provided personal technology device, such as an iPad or Chromebook laptop. We have significantly upgraded our wireless internet speeds to 8.0 gigabytes and increased access points in all our buildings, making it easier for teachers to seamlessly integrate technology into their classrooms on a daily basis. Our plans call for additional expansions of our wireless capabilities in the coming years.

    Academically, we are focused on the future. A few examples of this commitment include a strong focus on STEM (science, math, engineering and technology). We have also partnered with Innovation Generation to create a distance learning lab, a high school biomedical innovation lab, and a mobile materials fabrication lab.

    Of course, the district is focused on more than just academics. We work to ensure every student has the opportunity for a well-rounded educational experience through our highly regarded athletic and extracurricular programs. Our Division I athletic teams are a huge source of community pride and involvement, as are our music and theater programs.

    Pickerington Schools also have strong partnerships with the local business community. An exciting example of this can be seen at the OhioHealth Medical Center, which includes a 2,000-square-foot classroom for district biomedical program students to gain hands-on experience in a real medical setting.

    Educating for tomorrow. It’s more than just a slogan. It’s our commitment to the future of our students and our community.

    Dr. Chris Briggs


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