Elementary and Middle Schools Student Handbook & Code of Conduct 2023-2024 School Year

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    Welcome to our Elementary and Middle Schools Student Handbook and Code of Conduct! We're committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for your child. Our handbook is thoughtfully organized into sections for your convenience. Scroll down to explore our comprehensive guide, filled with valuable information on school policies, guidelines, and procedures. It's an essential resource to ensure a successful and harmonious school year for both students and parents. Thank you for partnering with us in your child's education journey.

Districtwide Information

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  • Superintendent's Message

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  • Food Services


      • Vision & Mission

      • Student Rules of Conduct First Warning

      • Availability of the Student Code of Conduct

      • Availability of Board of Education Policies

      • General Information

      • Notice of Language Assistance

      Policies & Expectations

      • Acceptable Use Policy

      • Accident Protection Policy

      • Bicycles

      • Birthdays

      • Change of Address

      • Child Custody Regulations

      Attendance Policy

      • Attendance Policy

      • Absences

      • Early Dismissal

      • Vacations

      Bus Transportation

      • Student Conduct on Buses

      • Student Regulations

      Grades K-6 Code of Conduct

      • Grades K-6 Student Code of Conduct

      • Disciplinary Action

      • Discipline of Students with Disabilities

      Rules of Conduct

      • Rules of Conduct

      • 1. Committing a Felonious Act or Other Violation of Law

      • 2. Alcohol and Drugs (BP 5530 and 5530 AG)

      • 3. Counterfeit Substances

      • 4. Possession or Use of Weapons or Dangerous Instruments

      • 5. Inducing Panic (ORC 2917.31)

      Other Misconduct

      • Other Misconduct

      • 24. Truancy

      • 25. Tardiness

      • 26. Class Cuts (Unexcused Absences From Individual Class Periods)

      • 27. Hall Passes

      • 28. Public Display of Affection (P.D.A.)