High Schools and Junior High Schools Student Handbook and Code of Conduct 2023-2024

  • ** This handbook replaces any previous versions of the handbook. **

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    Welcome to our High School and Junior High Handbook! Here, you'll find essential information to support your student's educational journey. Our handbook is thoughtfully structured into sections for easy access to school policies, guidelines, and procedures. Scroll down to discover the details that will make your student's school year successful and enriching. Thank you for your partnership in shaping their academic path.


  • Superintendent's Message

  • Vision & Mission

  • Student Rules of Conduct First Warning

  • Availability of the Student Code of Conduct

  • Availability of Board of Education Policies

  • Notice of Language Assistance

  • Definitions

Policies & Expectations

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Accident Protection Policy

  • Activities

  • Alcohol & Drugs

  • Athletics

  • Borrowing Money

Attendance Policy

  • Attendance Policy

  • Absences

  • Early Dismissal

  • Vacations

Bus Transportation

  • Student Conduct on Buses

  • Student Regulations

Grades 7-12 Code of Conduct

  • Grades 7-12 Code of Conduct

  • Disciplinary Action

  • Discipline of Students With Disabilities


      • NOTE WELL

      • 1. Committing a Felonious Act or Other Violation of Law

      • 2. Alcohol and Drugs (BP 5530 and 5530 AG)

      • 3. Counterfeit Substances

      • 4. Possession or Use of Weapons or Dangerous Instruments

      • 5. Inducing Panic (ORC 2917.31)

      • 6. False Alarms and Reports

      Behavior Matrix

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