Our Mission & Vision

  • In Pickerington we're proud of our accomplishments, but we don't rest on our achievements. We continuously strive towards our vision, closely tracking and evaluating student measures and experiences to ensure we're meeting our mission goals. We never lose sight of our community of learners and their needs. This is what makes us a destination school district. 

    Our mission is to provide an engaging, innovative and holistic experience that empowers all students to become responsible, future-ready citizens. We aspire to be a school district of choice, improving our community and society by opening doors and providing opportunities for every child, every day. We are educating for tomorrow.

  • "We know that we must never lose sight of the fact that Pickerington Schools are far more than just numbers on the state's annual report card. Numbers don't tell the whole story — that a school district is people."

  • Dr. Chris Briggs, SuperintendentSchool districts live on data. We assess students and teachers to gauge progress toward educational goals. We value numbers that help us identify areas in which we can improve our curriculum. We track growth for individual students, schools, and our entire district from year to year. We also know that we must never lose sight of the fact that Pickerington Schools are far more than just numbers on the state’s annual report card. Numbers don’t tell the whole story—that a school district is people. Pickerington Schools are made up of every student who comes into every classroom. It’s all the teachers, counselors, coaches, and school leaders. Our schools are every custodian, bus driver, secretary, and aide. We are every parent. Every taxpayer. Every graduate. We are the sports our student athletes play, the music they perform, and the leadership roles they take on throughout our schools. Pickerington Schools are the twenty-first century learning environments we provide and the career paths we build for our children. We are the experiences that change kids’ minds. We are Tigers, and we are Panthers. We are Pickerington, and we are proud.

    Please take a moment and read about our points of pride. These points of pride celebrate just a small part of our story, beyond the state assessments and report cards. It’s a snapshot of our schools and our people, and an acknowledgment of some of the things that make Pickerington a district of choice for residents living within Central Ohio. — Dr. Chris Briggs, Superintendent