Teaching and Learning Office

  • The Teaching and Learning office provides leadership for educational programs and professional learning for teachers and administrators. We provide leadership for curriculum; assessment; instructional practices; teacher, school and district performance; continuous improvement; career-technical education; federal grants; the Ohio Improvement Process; Parent Curriculum Liaison Council; STEM programming; service learning; and professional development.

    As we strive to personalize learning for every student, our staff members oversee intervention and enrichment services including summer academic intervention, credit recovery and new credit, response to intervention programs, College Credit Plus, advanced placement, global scholars, gifted education, and services for English Learners.

    We recognize the need to prepare students for a changing, competitive, global workplace and are providing opportunities that reach beyond the boundaries of our schools through STEM programming, partnerships with business and industry, college coursework and service learning.

T&L Presentations and Community Engagement Zoom Events

  • Teaching and Learning staff often present updates on their work at Pickerington Schools Board of Education meetings. These presentations are followed up with a Zoom virtual event, typically the Wednesday following each board meeting, from 6 to 7 pm. The public is invited and encouraged to attend these Zoom events to ask questions about the initiatives and updates shared during the Teaching and Learning presentations to the board. Visit the Zoom Events webpage to find out about upcoming virtual discussion events and to view the presentation materials.

State Standards

  • Ohio's Learning Standards

  • English Language Arts and Literacy

  • Mathematical Practice and Mathematical Content

  • National PTA Parents’ Guides to Student Success

  • For more information

Standards-Based Education

  • What is Standards-Based Reporting?

  • Benefits of Standards-Based Reporting

  • Traditional vs. Standards-Based

  • How is a Performance Score (Mark) Determined?

  • How is a Performance Score (Mark) Reported?

  • Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)

Resources for Parents and Students

Curriculum Liaison Council

  • What is the Council?

  • Roles of a Council Member

  • Meeting Minutes and Resources

Leslie Kelly, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
    • Contact Information:

      Communication with students, families, and staff is crucial to the success of Pickerington Schools. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email with any questions or concerns. We always welcome the opportunity to connect with members of our community.

      Leslie Kelly, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning



      Juanita Lemke, Administrative Assistant to Ms. Alesia Gillison