Welcome to Academic Services

  • Welcome to Academic Services!

    Academic Services is one of the three principal departments of Pickerington Schools. The department is headed by Assistant Superintendent Ms. Alesia Gillison. Academic Services consists of seven different offices: Academic Innovation and Instructional Technology, Teaching and Learning, Prevention and Intervention, Diversity and Engagement, English Learner (EL) Services, Gifted Services, Special Education and Student Supports. These offices work together to ensure that all students are taught with a guaranteed viable curriculum that supports academic and social growth. In addition to guiding Academic Services, Ms. Gillison oversees the high school principals. 

Alesia Gillison, Assistant Superintendent and Chief Academic Office
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    Communication with students, families, and staff is crucial to the success of Pickerington Schools. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email with any questions or concerns. We always welcome the opportunity to connect with members of our community.

    Alesia Gillison, Assistant Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer



    Juanita Lemke, Administrative Assistant to Ms. Alesia Gillison