What are the criteria for early entrance to Kindergarten?

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The State of Ohio requires the use of the Iowa Acceleration Scale (IAS) for making placement decisions. This instrument makes recommendations based on points assigned to certain test scores and certain behaviors.  Based on the guidelines established in the IAS, students must have a cognitive ability score of at least 115 to even be considered for early entrance. To put that into perspective, 100 is considered average, 130 is considered gifted, and 115 is considered to be above average/bright. Also, students need to score at or above the 90th percentile in most reading, writing and math when compared to students of the same age and at or above the 75th percentile in most subject areas compared to students entering Kindergarten to continue with the assessment. Students considered for early entrance are expected to score much higher than an average child entering Kindergarten. Social and emotional development is also considered in the process. This is based on research on child development and acceleration practices and in accordance with state guidelines.