The WISE Program for Student Excellence

  • Students engaged in a team-building exercise.

    Winning Interventions for Student Excellence (WISE) is a partially grant-funded educational program designed to improve organizational habits, study skills, and self-confidence of seventh and eighth grade students. Students are usually assigned to WISE from study hall. During their WISE period, students check their grades daily, develop a customized organizational system, set goals, learn study skills, and receive additional academic help. Classes are kept small, typically between eight and ten students, allowing each student to benefit from the direct intervention and close supervision of a caring adult. Students must qualify to be in WISE by being willing to work toward improvement of their missing assignments and grade deficits. Spots are limited, so the students with the highest needs are selected. This is a short-term skill building type of intervention. Students should only be in it a quarter or two. If you have questions, you may contact . 

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