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  • Lakeview Junior High Girls Lacrosse team

    Experience Lakeview Junior High's dynamic athletics program, spanning fall, winter, and spring seasons. Fall boasts cross country, golf, football, tennis, volleyball, and sideline cheer. Winter includes basketball, wrestling, and sideline cheer. Spring presents lacrosse, track, tennis, baseball, and softball. The pay-to-participate fee is $155, with reduced options for eligible free/reduced meal students. Find details and payment guidelines on the Pay-to-Participate Fee Information sheet. Visit the Pickerington North Panthers athletics site for listings, calendar, and registration via Final Forms under 'Athletic Registration' in the 'MORE' tab.

  • We love our fans! We appreciate the support they show our Ridgevirew Tiger Athletes! To keep athletic events positive and uplifting for our student athletes and our fans, please read and follow our Pickerington Schools Fan Code of Conduct.  

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