Explore the World at the Pickerington High School Central Media Center

  • Students interacting in the Pickerington High School Central Media Center
    Welcome to the heart of intellectual exploration at Pickerington High School Central – our Media Center. A dynamic space where curiosity meets resources, our Media Center serves as the nucleus of academic engagement, fostering a vibrant learning environment for students and educators alike. From a vast collection of books to cutting-edge technology, this hub is designed to inspire and support the pursuit of knowledge. Join us on a journey where information transforms into understanding, and where the quest for learning is nurtured in an atmosphere that champions curiosity, collaboration, and academic excellence. Welcome to a place where the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds!

Media Center Resources

  • Accelerated Reader (AR) Bookfinder™
  • INFOhio Digital Libraries
  • ISearch
  • Lexile.com
  • Pickerington Public Library
  • Search the Media Center Catalog