Explore Pickerington Central's Vibrant Performing Arts Programs

  • Step into a world of artistic brilliance at Pickerington High School Central! Our school takes immense pride in nurturing talents across various domains, with a special focus on band, theater, orchestra, and choir programs.

    Discover Your Passion:

    • Band: Join our award-winning band program and march to the rhythm of success. Whether you're an aspiring musician or a seasoned pro, our program offers the perfect platform to fine-tune your skills.

    • Theater: Unleash your inner thespian in our exceptional theater program. From riveting dramas to captivating musicals, our stages come alive with creativity and talent.

    • Orchestra: Find your melodic groove with our orchestra program. Our students have graced countless venues with their captivating performances.

    • Choir: Elevate your vocal abilities in our dynamic choir program. Join a harmonious community of singers that consistently hit all the right notes.

    At Pickerington High School Central, we not only offer top-notch education but also provide a vibrant space for students to explore their artistic passions. Join us in celebrating the arts and embark on a journey towards harmonious excellence!

    Performances at the PHSC Performing Arts Center are livestreamed through our PHSC PAC Events Live Streaming YouTube channel. 


  • About Color Guard

About Band

  • Our Program

  • Nathan Stowe | Director of Bands

  • Tim Gorgas | Assistant Band Director & Percussion Instructor

  • Matthew Hakes | Assistant Band Director & Director of Ridgeview STEM Junior High Band

About Orchestra

  • Our Program

  • Paul Trapkus | Orchestra Instructor

About Theater

  • Our Program

  • Andrew Martin | Theater Director

  • Eric Womack | Theater Production

About Choir

  • Our Program

  • Jacob Miller | Choir Director

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