Exploring the Related Arts at Pickerington Elementary

  • Four children drawing on large cardboard

    Welcome to the related arts at Pickerington Elementary, where creativity knows no bounds! At Pickerington Elementary, the related arts or "specials" are as essential as the core subjects of math and English Language Arts (ELA). We recognize the profound impact of the arts on a child's development. Through a diverse array of related arts programs, we provide students with opportunities to explore their passions, ignite their imaginations, and develop essential skills. From music and visual arts to physical education and more, our dedicated team of educators fosters a nurturing environment where every child can discover and flourish in the world of arts and expression. Explore the vibrant and enriching experiences our specials classes offer, as we celebrate the boundless creativity within our school community.  

    Below, you will find the philosophies that guide our approach to teaching the related arts!

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