Pickerington Elementary Arts Education

At Pickerington Elementary, the related arts are as essential as the core subjects. Below, you will find the philosophies that guide our approach to teaching the arts, along with valuable resource information.


Expression through Visual Art
In the art room, we practice being respectful and responsible, challenging ourselves and trying our best, developing concept along with technique, sharing process and product with an audience, and working together collaboratively. With this mindset we achieve art that not only looks good, but means something!  “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein.
Welcomed Donations

·      Empty cardboard paper towel rolls
·      Newspapers
·      Tin foil
·      Foil pans/muffin tins
·      Plastic containers (ex. lunch meat, yogurt, butter)
·      Wire coat hangers
·      Kid scissors
·      Dish drying racks
·      Stain-remover spray for clothes
·      Sponges/magic erasers
·      Epsom salt
·      Rubbing alcohol
·      Extension cords
·      Sidewalk chalk
·      Blenders
·      Marker airbrush sets (and/or marker refills)
.      Hardware store gift cards


Expression Through Music

Music is one way that people express their world. Students will explore musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, form, tempo, dynamics, and history through singing, playing instruments, folk dances, games, and technology. The 8th habit, according to Steven Covey, is find your voice. Music is a great way for students to find not only their singing voice, but their confidence and their voice in life. Music promotes life skills through cooperation and promotes creative and critical thinking.


Program Activities

The physical education program at Pickerington Elementary is structured to develop healthy bodies and promote positive attitudes toward lifetime physical activities, fitness, and sport skills.

Activities may include balance, rhythm, locomotor skills, catching, throwing, and kicking. We assess their aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility


Mission Statement

Technology is more than just using a computer. In today’s world, it’s how we connect globally, conduct business, communicate with our friends and family. The future of technology is wide open, which is what makes it so exciting. Our role is to open the eyes of students to the idea that technology puts the world in their hands. With these capabilities, there is a great responsibility to arm our students with the skills to navigate this new landscape and develop their ever-evolving digital footprint.

Technology News

Type to Learn 4:

K – 4th grade students were given Type to Learn 4 (TTL4) accounts. The information for accessing TTL4 from home was handed out to each student to take home. Please check with your child for this information. TTL4 is a comprehensive instructional keyboarding program that covers skills ranging from beginning to advanced.

Pickerington Elementary’s Online Catalog:
Students and parents can access our school library’s online catalog 24/7.