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Supt. Briggs Announces Student Start Times Listening Tour

PLSD Family,
When difficult topics surface, it reminds me why I wanted to be superintendent of this great school district. I came here seven years ago because of the people and working with such amazing individuals reinforces my decision. PLSD has dedicated, relentless, passionate teachers, support staff, and administrators that get up every day to support our students and their families. This work is hard, exhausting, frustrating, and rewarding. There is not another profession that changes lives like educators!
The start and end times of our schools is one of those difficult topics. The decision to change times impacts every employee and family in our district. We all; PEA, administration, and Board of Education must work collaboratively and involve all stakeholders in this process. To help facilitate this discussion, we will be creating a Time Study Task Force to solicit feedback, data, and create a plan that has our students' best interests in mind. We will conduct listening tours throughout the district to draft a well-thought-out, comprehensive plan that will be recommended to the Board of Education in the future for approval. This process will take time and patience, knowing we are all in this together for our entire Learning Community. 
There is no single decision that will please everyone equally, but I am confident our plan will reflect what is best for all our students.