Welcome to Toll Gate Elementary

  • Principal Kristi MotschHello Toll Gate Elementary families, 
    It is hard to believe that we are beginning our fourteenth year here at Toll Gate Elementary! It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your principal during this time. Our Toll Gate Elementary staff is committed to providing an excellent educational experience for all students. We believe that all students can be leaders and possess special gifts and talents. We are a Leader In Me school and practice the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids:

    (1) Be Proactive, (2) Begin with the End in Mind,  (3) Put First Things First, (4) Think Win-Win, (5) Seek First to Understand and then to be Understood, (6) Synergize, (7) Sharpen the Saw.

    All of these habits help students Find Your Voice!

    We believe that a strong school and family partnership are fundamental to a child’s success. You can expect that we will do everything in our power to keep your child safe, both physically and emotionally. In return, we expect our students to demonstrate appropriate behavior that keeps themselves and others secure.You can expect us to be respectful to you and your child. In return, we expect students and their families to be respectful as well.

    You can expect us to be fair and honest. We expect the same from you and your child. Trust is the cornerstone of good relationships.

    You can expect us to come prepared daily to educate your child. In return, we expect your child to come to school with the necessary materials prepared to learn and complete assignments.

    On behalf of our entire staff, we are honored to serve your child on their educational journey. Together we can accomplish great things for our children!

    Educationally Yours,
    Kristi Motsch, Principal Toll Gate Elementary

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