Discover, Learn, Imagine: Tussing Elementary Media Center

  • Tussing Elementary students reading books in the Media Center.

    Welcome to the Tussing Elementary Media Center, a space where the realms of knowledge, imagination, and learning converge. Our Media Center, a hub of curiosity and exploration, is designed to inspire students on their educational journey. At the heart of this vibrant space is Tammy Barletta, our dedicated Library/Media Aide. With her extensive knowledge and passion for literature, Tammy enriches the experience of every visitor. From recommending the perfect book to fostering a love for reading, she plays a pivotal role in shaping a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment. Join us in embracing the boundless world of literature and information within the walls of the Tussing Media Center.

Media Center Resources

  • Accelerated Reader (AR) Bookfinder™
  • INFOhio Digital Libraries
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  • Pickerington Public Library
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