Heritage Elementary Media Hub: Exploring Knowledge and Imagination

  • Richard Scarry book character posing for the photo

    Welcome to the heart of exploration and discovery at Heritage Elementary – our vibrant Media Center! Here, the world of knowledge and imagination unfolds through a treasure trove of books, technology, and creative resources. Our Media Center is a dynamic space where students embark on journeys of learning, curiosity, and growth. Whether delving into captivating stories, conducting research, or embracing the latest technological advancements, our dedicated staff is here to guide, inspire, and support every student's quest for knowledge. Step inside this hub of inspiration and watch as young minds flourish, and endless possibilities come to life.

Media Center Resources

  • Accelerated Reader (AR) Bookfinder™
  • INFOhio Digital Libraries
  • ISearch
  • Lexile.com
  • Pickerington Public Library
  • Search the Media Center Catalog