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  • Tussing Elementary School Health Clinic is staffed by School Nurse Caitlin DeShane and Health Care Assistant, Christina DiNapoli. Tussing Elementary School Health Clinic aims to support student success by promoting optimal wellness among our students.

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    Before the start of each school year, please be sure to contact your school nurse and child’s teacher to discuss any health concerns your child has, including severe allergies, seizures, diabetes, asthma, and current medication. During the school year, please be sure to update the school nurse and teacher about any new or changing medical conditions or medication.

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      2022-23 COVID Guidelines

      • Pickerington Schools follows Franklin County Public Health's guidance on COVID illness and exposure. Please adhere to the following guidelines if you have tested positive for COVID or live with someone who has tested positive for COVID.

        COVID Test Positive: 

        • The student/staff should stay home for five days from the onset of symptoms. 
        • The day the student/staff started having symptoms is day zero.  
        • The student/staff should return to school on day six as long as the positive person is no longer running a fever, not taking any fever-reducing medications and has an improvement in symptoms.  
        • It is recommended that the student/staff wears a mask when indoors and around others for days six through 10 and unmask on day 11.

        Student Attendance

        To be marked as medically excused, the parent/guardian will need to provide documentation of: 
        • a proctored COVID test result or
        • a note from the healthcare provider

        Recommendations for Family Members

        The recommendation for family members and anyone living in a household where there is a positive case:
        • If there are no COVID symptoms, the individual may return to work/school wearing a mask for 10 days from last contact with the positive person.
        • If possible, test on day five.
        • If you develop symptoms, get tested and stay home until you know the results.

        For more resources, visit our testingisolation and quarantine or vaccine webpages. 

        For more information, read the  Franklin County Community Mask Advisory.

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