Toll Gate Middle School Media Center: The Heart of Our School

  • Students interacting with each in the Toll Gate Middle School Media Center

    At Toll Gate Middle School, the Media Center is the heart of our school. It is an inviting space in which students come to not only find books and to get Chromebook help, but to travel to far-off destinations, to expand their knowledge, to ask questions. The Media Center welcomes each student to explore topics that interest them. We want books to help our students believe not only in themselves but in the magic of reading and the worlds into which they can delve. We want the books and the stories within to help students imagine, wonder, think, dream, laugh, cry, escape, to be happy, to be excited about reading, and to learn.  

    Although I have worked for Pickerington Schools since 2004, this is my first year in the Toll Gate Middle School Media Center. Not only am I responsible for the collection of books, the curating, expansion and maintenance of the collection, I am also the building go-to for Chromebook issues. When classes come to the Media Center, we do so much more than simply check out books. We learn about many different aspects of the library and reading. We practice new skills. We listen to stories. We complete lessons and activities. It is my firm belief that every person has a reader within, we just have to find the right book to spark their interest and imagination. For questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email or call 614-834-6400. 

    — Pamela Smith, Toll Gate Middle School Media Center

Media Center Resources

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  • Pickerington Public Library
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