Unlocking Creativity: Ridgeview's Performing Arts


    The performing arts at Ridgeview STEM Junior High are essential to our students' development. They foster teamwork, emotional exploration, and individual expression. Our band, choir, orchestra, and band classes provide a platform for collaboration, helping students hone essential interpersonal skills. Through drama, music, and singing, students can delve into their emotions and imaginations, enhancing their mental well-being. Moreover, these disciplines instill confidence and promote personal growth, empowering each student to find their unique voice. The performing arts at Ridgeview go beyond the stage, preparing students for success in all aspects of their lives, making them well-rounded individuals ready to face the future with creativity and self-assuredness.

    Performances at the PHSC Performing Arts Center are livestreamed through our PHSC PAC Events Live Streaming YouTube channel. 


  • About Color Guard

About Band

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  • Matthew Hakes | Assistant Band Director & Director of Ridgeview STEM Junior High Band

  • Tim Gorgas | Assistant Band Director & Percussion Instructor

  • Nathan Stowe | Director of Bands

About Choir

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  • Stephanie Neff | Choir Teacher

About Orchestra

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  • Paul Trapkus | Orchestra Instructor

About Theater

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  • Andrew Martin | Theatre Director

  • Eric Womack | Theater Production

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