Showcasing Excellence: Pickerington North's Performing Arts Programs

  • Pickerington High School North Color Guard

    Experience the magic of the arts at Pickerington North! Our Performing Arts Programs are a testament to our commitment to excellence in band, orchestra, choir, and theater. With a diverse range of opportunities, students can explore their creative passions, refine their skills, and leave an indelible mark on the stage. From dynamic musical performances to captivating theatrical productions and mesmerizing choir and orchestra renditions, our programs foster talent, discipline, and a profound sense of community. Join us in celebrating the performing arts and discover how Pickerington North is the stage where dreams are realized and applause never ends.

  • About Color Guard

About Band

  • Our Program

  • Gregory Benson| Director of Bands

  • Chris Carmean | Assistant Band Director & Percussion Director

  • Matt Guirreri | Assistant Band Director & Lakeview Junior High Band Director

About Orchestra

  • Our Program

  • Jordan Koogler | Orchestra Instructor

  • Thomas Watts | Orchestra Instructor

About Choir

  • Our Program

  • Lori Vance| Choir Teacher

      About Theater

      • Our Program

      • Allen DeCarlo | Theatre Director

      • Scott Skiles | Technical Director

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