Tussing Clubs and Activities

There are many engaging activities for the students to take part in at Tussing Elementary. Through these activities, our students are able to build leadership skills, make lifelong friends, improve academics, and enjoy being a kid.

VIP Program

Every student has what is takes to be a Tussing VIP – Very Impressive Person.  Each month, one student from each class is nominated to be the VIP.  These VIPs demonstrate important characteristics such as hard work, kindness, perseverance, and doing things “The Tussing Way.”

Once nominated, our VIPs get treated to a pizza party lunch at the school and are honored at the monthly VIP Rally in front of their families and friends.

A picture of Tussing Elementary students at a VIP (Very Impressive Person) Rally.

Ladies Luncheon

Our ladies deserve some girl-time.  Our school counselor provides these ladies with self-esteem building luncheons designed to let the girls embrace their feminine side.

Picture of students attending a Ladies' Luncheon

Knitting Club

This is an opportunity for third and fourth grade girls to learn a classic skill and build their self-esteem through weekly knitting practice.

Bee Keepers

The Bee Keepers are a group of fourth grade students who represent the best aspects of Tussing Elementary.  These students are nominated and chosen by their teachers to represent the school at family function, serve as tour guides for new students, and mentor younger students in various settings throughout the school day.

Students reading in the Tussing Reading Oasis

Young Gents

The Young Gents program is designed to supply third and fourth grade boys with all of the skills and training necessary to be a successful gentleman and a leader at school and in life.

Picture of students in the Young Gents program learning to tie a necktie.

Family Engagement Nights

Be on the lookout for information regarding Tussing’s Math Night, Reading Night, and various PTO events.

Bee Awesome Displays

Picture of a Bee Awesome Award display case
Bee Awesome Awards
Only the best "bee"haved will earn a spot with these awards.
Picture of a Shining Stars award display case
Shining Stars
Check out our wonderful shining STARs who are making amazing academic progress!