Meet Your School Counselor

Welcome! I am Darren Drake, the school counselor at Toll Gate Elementary. I hope this site helps guide you through the developmental counseling program offered at Toll Gate Elementary. When you find a moment, I encourage you to read through the "Leaders of Peace" whole school character education program. I look forward to the school year and serving as your child's school counselor!
Leaders of Peace

During the 2014-15 school year, Toll Gate Elementary began implementing “The Leader In Me.” It is based on the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, but it is specifically for children.  More information is readily available on the internet, and books that will provide insight include The Leader In Me, 7 Habits of Happy Kids, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

This school year will bring year two of implementation, and with it some exciting things to come! We look forward to supporting each of our students’ leadership development!

Classroom Character Lessons

Classroom character lessons will begin in September.  Every month, I will visit each classroom and teach a lesson that relates to one of the “8 Great Habits of Toll Gate”. This proactive approach to building character enables students to participate in monthly lessons that work to build life skills both in and outside of the classroom. Classroom lessons also give our students the opportunity to learn and discuss different character building qualities. I will also discuss the programs here at Toll Gate Elementary that complement the “Leaders of Peace” program.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling with students will be based on referrals from parents, teachers, and students.

If you are interested in a list of outside area counseling agencies, please feel free to contact me at (614) 834-6315.

Testing Information

More information to come soon!

Helpful Links

The links below offer a variety of helpful topics and resources:

KidsHealth – This is the largest and most-visited site on the Web, providing doctor-approved health information about children from birth through adolescence.

You’ve Got to Be Kidding – Solving Real-Life Problems

Out On a Limb – A Guide to Getting Along

About Face Learning About Feelings

Self-Esteem Games

Social-Emotional Learning

Information about raising resilient, thinking children – from Dr. Myrna Shure

Bullying Websites

Easing the Teasing

Divorce of Separation

A Child’s Advice for Divorcing Parents

The Mount Carmel Health System also offers health and wellness classes.

ADHD Resources

ADDitude – Information for Adults and Children

Grief and Loss

The Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families


Behavioral Ratings / Forms from Doctors

From time to time, a physician/psychologist will ask a parent to send in a behavior rating scale or narrative that needs to be filled out by a child’s teacher.  District policy requires that once these forms are filled out, they are sent directly from the school to the physician.  Please include an addressed, stamped envelope with the physician/psychologist’s address when you provide the paperwork.  Also, please allow time for the teacher to complete the form(s) prior the child’s appointment.

Please feel free to contact the school counselor at (614) 834-6315 with any questions or concerns.