Meet Super Sycamore

Super Sycamore is SCE's super hero! With your help, He takes bucket dipping down to zero! You can be a H.E.R.O. at SCE by working Hard, being Excited, showing Respect and being Organized. Follow Super Sycamore's advice and you will rise!

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Super Sycamore
Super Sycamore
Super Hero

About Super Sycamore

Super Sycamore has made it his mission to see to it that all students at Sycamore Creek Elementary are motivated to do the best work and have the best attitude and work ethic possible.

Super Sycamore uses a Super Stamp to stamp students’ work that displays the characteristics that Sycamore Creek students possess.

Whenever a teacher or administrator needs help with any of those characteristics, they simply call out for a hero, and Super Sycamore springs into action.

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