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Sycamore Creek Newsletter

Sycamore Creek Elementary uses to communicate weekly with parents.  Tuesday of every week, the link to the newsletter will be sent to parents via email as well as being available on this web page.  In order to receive this email, you must have a Parent Portal Account established through the Infinite Campus program.  You then must opt to have communication sent via email. The district may use other forms of communication based on the preferences you choose, but here at Sycamore Creek, we use email only.

Sycamore Creek Newsletter

Kindergarten Registration 2018/19 School Year

Kindergarten registration for Fall 2018 is underway.

*Please note:  All families, whether new to the district or with existing students, need to complete the 2 step registration process.

Families without students currently in the district, can complete step one of the registration by using the online registration form.

Existing families, meaning there is currently a student actively enrolled in the district, can use their infinite campus parent portal account to complete step 1.  Step 2 consists of scheduling an appointment with the Welcome Center and completing all the necessary paperwork.

Children must be at least 5 years old by August 1, 2018 to be registered for kindergarten in the fall.  The district offers half day kindergarten in both morning and afternoon sessions.

All questions need to be addressed by the Welcome Center.  They are located at 130 Hill Road South, Entrance C, which is the north end of Ridgeview Junior High.  Their phone number is 614-920-6180.  Individual buildings will not have registration forms, they are online only.

Please visit the PLSD website, look under Our District, Enroll, Kindergarten Registration, for complete details.


Open Enrollment Request Deadline for 2018-2019

The deadline for Open Enrollment Requests, school year 2018/2019, is July 31, 2018.

The form is available on the district website under District forms, Enrolling and Open Enrollment. The application is necessary for the district to consider allowing students to attend a school outside their normal attendance boundaries. Interested K-6 parents must submit an application each year they are requesting intradistrict open enrollment. Applying is not a guarantee that students will be open enrolled. Approval is based on staffing and space availability.

General Information

Lunch Times

First Grade – 11:45am – 12:30pm
Second Grade – 12:45pm – 1:30pm
Third Grade – 12:15pm – 1:00pm
Fourth Grade – 1:15pm – 2:00pm

KLIP – 12:10pm



We ask all visitors to sign in and obtain a visitors pass to be in the school.

Parents are asked to respect the teacher’s responsibility to provide instruction from 9:15-4:05 p.m. We try to limit the number of classroom interruptions during the school day.

A conference is an ideal way for parents and teacher to get to know one another so the best interest of your child is realized.  Visiting in the classroom is limited and must be scheduled in advance with the teacher.

Social Webpages

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School Fees

School Fees for 2018/19 School Year are as follows:

KG – $19.00,   First – $17.00,  Second – $17.50,  Third – $22.00,  Fourth – $22.00

The preferred method of payment is by logging into the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus. While schools will accept fee payments, paying via the Parent Portal ensures there is a record of payment (and that students do not misplace a check or cash.)  School offices can accept exact cash amount, check or credit card.

School Fees will accumulate from year to year, so please make sure to keep payments up to date.  Reminder letters will go out to families throughout the school year.

School Calendars

The Board of Education approved the 2018-19 school year calendar.  It can be viewed on the PLSD website.

Board of Education Approves 2018-19 Calendar