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SSEP Mission 16 Fundraising: Patch Sales

About the Winning Patches

Nearly 11,000 Pickerington students were invited to compete in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) Mission 16 Art Patch Competition. The elementary/middle school division involved 401 students, while the junior high/high school division had 105 students with each student submitting an original Mission Patch design. A key factor in generating interest in the competition was sending the SSEP research team finalists to our schools. The teams presented brief microgravity lessons and answered questions from curious young students. Additionally, our flight experiment, “Algae: The Fuel Source of Space,” influenced many students to create mission patches with images representing the experiment. We even had submissions from our high school graphic arts classes. Our two winners are Morgan Reed, a senior at Pickerington High School Central, and Isabelle Stadler, a fourth grade student from Sycamore Creek Elementary. During an upcoming school board meeting, the Pickerington community will recognize our two art patch competition winners and SSEP project finalists. Patches can be purchased at the Box Office