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Senior Activities: Safety and Responsibility

As our esteemed seniors prepare to embark on exciting new chapters, we want to take a moment to address a non-school-sanctioned activity: "senior tag." While we understand the enthusiasm surrounding this time of year, it's important to emphasize that this activity is not affiliated with the school, and we strongly advise against student 


The safety and well-being of our students is our paramount concern. We encourage you to have open conversations with your children about the potential risks associated with this activity and emphasize responsible decision-making.

We maintain open communication with local authorities regarding this topic.  For your reference, the non-emergency contact number for the local authorities is (614) 575-6911(Pickerington Police) and (740) 652 7900 (Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office).  Please do not hesitate to report any unsafe activities you may witness in your neighborhood or elsewhere.

By working together, we can ensure a safe and memorable conclusion to the senior year for all.