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Ridgeview Celebrates First Culture Day, Showcasing Diversity and Unity

Ridgeview Celebrates First Culture Day, Showcasing Diversity and Unity 

Ridgeview STEM Junior High hosted its first Culture Day. This student-initiated and led event promoted cultural understanding and appreciation within the school community. 

Pickerington, Ohio [May 22, 2023] - Ridgeview STEM Junior High proudly hosted its first Culture Day on Friday, May 19th. This student-led event, initiated by Julian Duran Garcia, Bhima Pokharel, and Andrea Sandoval Perez, three 8th grade Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) leaders, was a resounding success, promoting cultural understanding and appreciation within the school community.

The concept for Culture Day was proposed to Kris Owen, the WEB advisor, by the trio in the fall. Early planning commenced, and in January, the WEB leaders joined forces with Mrs. Hoffman and the Diversity Club to further enhance the event's scope and impact.

The organizers were dedicated to ensuring as much cultural representation as possible, actively reaching out to Ridgeview students to participate in the day's activities. Students eagerly shared their diverse cultures through a variety of means, including performances at the assembly, creating informative posters at booths, and delivering captivating presentations featuring artifacts from their respective backgrounds.

Throughout the day, students engaged in thought-provoking discussions with their peers and teachers while watching cultural video clips during class time. They also had the opportunity to explore the history and art of origami and dream catcher-making in a specialized class rotation. Additionally, an outdoor rotation featured cultural games, adding an element of excitement and interactive learning to the event.

"Our first Culture Day was a huge success! Memories were made by students and staff. It was one of those days that you just know students will remember years from now, when they recall their years at Ridgeview," expressed Mrs. Hoffman. 

The success of Ridgeview's Culture Day underscores the school's commitment to promoting diversity, unity, and cultural understanding among its students. By creating an inclusive platform for students to share their cultural heritage, the event encouraged dialogue, appreciation, and respect for different traditions and backgrounds.

Ridgeview STEM Junior High looks forward to building upon the achievements of its first Culture Day and continuing to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students.

Selected photos from the event may be viewed here.

About Ridgeview STEM Junior High:

Ridgeview STEM Junior High is Pickerington Schools' only STEM-designated school and a leading educational institution dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for students to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. With a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion, Ridgeview aims to empower students to become engaged global citizens equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in an interconnected world.

Michelle Richardson