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Your School Device: Keep or Return??

End of the Year Device & Account Information 

Spanish, French, and Arabic translations of this information are available at the end of this article. 

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, Pickerington Schools Technology department would like to give students and families specific information about Pickerington Schools-owned devices and software.



Kindergarten students will be turning in their iPads and power cords on May 19-22, 2023. Please make sure your student returns an iPad, iPad case, power cord, and charging brick. You will be charged a fee through Infinite Campus if you fail to return any part of your student's device. When your student starts back in the fall, they will receive a Chromebook.


Students in the following grades will keep their Chromebook over the summer:

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 5
  • Grade 6
  • Grade 7
  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11 

Students in the following grades will return their Chromebooks and power cords on the dates indicated:

  • Grade 12: May 15-16
  • Grade 8: Lakeview May 22
  • Grade 8: Ridgeview May 23
  • Grade 4: May 22-24

If you do not return your Chromebook or power cord, you will be charged a fee through Infinite Campus.

If you have a device that is broken or needs minor repairs, please turn it in for repair now. Do not wait until collection.

Current 4th grade and 8th grade students will each receive a new Chromebook when school starts in the fall.

Senior Chromebook Collection: May 15-16

  • Graduating seniors attending Pickerington Alternative School will turn their Chromebook and power cord in on May 17.

  • Seniors enrolled in the Virtual Learning Academy will turn their Chromebook and power cord in on May 17 at Pickerington Schools District Office, 90 N. East St. on May 22 from 8 am - 3:30 pm.   

  • Seniors that have signed up for and paid for the purchase of their Chromebook may keep the device and power cord. We are not permitting any additional sales of devices.

  • Graduating seniors, if you have any unpaid fees, you will not be able to walk at commencement!   

Senior Google Accounts

Senior high school students may want to save the files, projects, and portfolio items they have created during their time here at Pickerington Schools. Senior accounts will be deleted within the next 6 months. If a graduating senior wants to keep their files, they need to migrate them to a personal Gmail account. Google has an online tool that facilitates this process: Google Takeout

Summer Chromebook Repairs

If your student has a Chromebook that is in need of repair over the summer, Pickerington Schools Technology department will be holding several dates this summer on which the Chromebook can be dropped off for repair. If you decide to drop the device off for repair, please be aware that your student will not be given a loaner device to use for the remainder of the summer and that the repaired device will not be returned until the beginning of the school year.


Students can access Pickerington Schools technology programs through July 31st. Students can access these programs through  ClassLink ( on any modern browser.

All students can access Pickerington Schools' programs from a personal device. To do so, please read ClassLink Login Information for Home Access.


All hotspots need to be returned to the District Office by May 31st.  If your child needs access to a hotspot over the summer, please contact April Anda ( to make arrangements to keep the hotspot active.

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Michelle Richardson