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An Event to Remember: Lakeview's Symphonic Band Joins Forces with Grove City Community Winds

A Heartwarming Performance of Music and Gratitude
The Pickerington Schools' community recently witnessed a heartwarming and memorable musical event filled with gratitude and an undeniable sense of unity. The Lakeview Junior High Symphonic Band and the Grove City Community Winds came together to deliver a moving performance that left an indelible mark on all those in attendance.
Matt Guirreri, Marc Parulekar and Chris Carmean directed the performance with composer James Swearingen debuting his piece titled, "For Liberty We Stand."
Each branch of the U.S. Armed forces was recognized with a  musical performance of its official song or hymn. As the guests of honor, veterans and their families stood for the audience to recognize the veterans' service and sacrifice. A representative of the nonprofit organization, Honor Flight Network, expressed gratitude for the spirit of the event and noted that the event honors the vision of the Honor Flight program in welcoming veterans home surrounded by an appreciative and supportive crowd. Lakeview Junior High students were active participants in this compelling learning experience. 
The event was very well-organized. However, the most moving part of the performance was completely unscripted. As the program concluded, a veteran stood up in the bleachers and held out a letter. The letter was written by a band student inviting the veteran to attend the performance. The veteran wanted to personally thank the student for taking the time to extend the invitation. This incredible community connection continued as veterans, each holding their handwritten invitation, came to speak to the director following the concert, hoping to tell the students what a meaningful gesture that was to them. This heartwarming interaction reminds us all to keep the focus on kindness toward and appreciation of those who served as we head into the Veterans Day holiday. 
The Honor Flight Network invites and transports America's veterans to tour our nation's Washington D.C. memorials as a tribute to our veterans' service. If you would like to participate in or contribute to the Honor Flight Network, you can do so by volunteering, donating, or recognizing someone for their service, please visit



Sarah Geiger