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Pickerington High School North/Pickerington Alternative School Recognizes Industry Credentialing and Military Commitment

Pickerington High School North/Pickerington Alternative School Recognizes Industry Credentialing and Military Commitment

Pickerington High School North and Pickerington Alternative School held a joint ceremony honoring students enlisting in the U.S. Armed Forces and celebrating the achievements of students earning industry credentials. 

Pickerington, Ohio [May 23, 2023] - Pickerington High School North (PHSN) and Pickerington Alternative School (PAS) held a special joint recognition ceremony to honor students for their achievements in industry credentialing and military commitment. The ceremony took place on May 22th in the school's Performing Arts Center and featured  guests Petty Officer Kevin Hurd of the U.S. Navy, Gordon Gough of the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, and Melinda Byerly of Chik-fil-A, and Mr. Hugh Frost.

The event began with a welcome from PHSN principal Jim Campbell, expressing appreciation for the students' dedication and commitment to their future goals. The military enlistees then led the attendees in reciting the pledge of allegiance.

Petty Officer Hurd, representing the U.S. Armed Forces, delivered remarks about military enlistment, sharing personal experiences and emphasizing the importance of serving one's country. Each student's military enlistment was then recognized by PHSN assistant principal Kimberley Cox, who called them forward to receive acknowledgment of their decision to join the U.S. Armed Forces. The students recognized for their enlistment and subsequent service were Kyle Butterfield, Nathaniel Decker, Aidan Eberhardt, Tyiona Hickerson, Tyon Hickerson, Luke Moone, Elijah Newell, Colin Touvell, and Kailynn Wiley.

In addition, Mr. Gough took the stage to recognize the students' exceptional achievements in industry credentialing. Their dedication to acquiring valuable skills and certifications in various fields was commended, highlighting their preparedness for successful careers beyond high school.

The following Pickerington High School North and Pickerington Alternative School students are recognized for their dedication to passing Business and Medical Industrial Certification during the 2022-2023 School Year:

Lea Abbington, Emani Adams, Diego Alcantar-Rodriguez, Jeffrey Amapps, Ka’Nija Anderson, Madelyn Arnold, Afla Arshad, Francisca Awuah, Justin Bailey, Alayna Baker, Sai Bartels, Dana Bass, Noah Berhane, Angela Biswa, Zane Blackman, Daniel Blalock, Kylie Bolin, Filicia Bonus, Joseph Borchers, Myabella Bowers, Preston Bowman, James Brown, Jonah Brown, Nathan Brown, Mason Burt, Jackson Burton, Elizabeth Bush, Jacey Bussom, Jenascia Carley, Isaiah Cash, Marissa Clay, Joseph Close, Jasaoveoa Coffee, Reagan Coffey, Elijah Cowans, Myles Crockett, Providence Culver, Jerrick Davis, Selah Dean, Alina Dearing, Nia Dillard, Isaac DiYanni, Kyra Dorsey, Morgan Douglas, Kevin Drake, Aubrey Duke-Ward, Victor Echikunwoke, Tracy Effah, Gabriel Ervin, Michael Evans, Michael Faryman, Haleigh Fowler, Alana Garcia, Gabe Garcia, Joseph Garcia, Xavier Garcia, Rylie Gatliff, Zuriel Geker, Yarianny Gonzalez, Avery Gramlich, Alex Gray, Eva Greer, Naina Gurung; Nathanael Haile, Xavier Hamilton, Jacob Harris, Christine Hartfield, Kymiah Heard, Charles Hickerson, Avery Hillerich, Travis Hines, Sarenity Hodo, Isaiah Holley, Katherine Honaker; Sebastian Huynh; Brooke Jackson; Kelly Jackson, Nickolas Jewell, David Jonhson, Daigyania Jones, Zane Jones, Eyual Kelkile, Caden Kent, Sophia Klein, Justin Kollie, Rex Lahr, Drennen Landenberger, Ashton Langenek, Edward Larson, Naomi Lipscomb, Kessen Littrell, Gabriel Losoya, Luko Lugalla, Oumou Ly, Malcolm Maccarthy, Eva Malpass, Keegan Matheny, Parker Mershaud, Mekyas Mesfin, Dontae Miles, Kylie Mizer, Divesh Mongar, Alex Morgan, Gregory Nance, Jacob Neubauer, Puskar Neupaney, A’Niya Pack, Tymir Parker, Johnny Perez-Baltazar, Myra Perry, Callia Prewitt, Emily Quijada-Pena, Jason Ritchey, Leo Robinson, Albanys Rodriguez Herrera, Mckenzie Sakchaistikul, Peyton Schultz, Omunique Scott, Amayah Shows, Jalen Smith, Lauren Smith, Sienna Sterling, Talon Steward, Austin Taylor, Nji-Beza Temenu, Michael Temple, Nazareth Tsegaye, Mekhi Turner, Braeden Vanderhoff, Jackson VanWoermer, Fraimar Varela, Andrew Vensko, Antonio Washington, Kayla Watkins, Christian Williams-Agyemang, Machia Williams, Samuel Williams-Dixon, Natalie Willis, Louisa Willoughby, Brayden Winstel, Abby Zananiri, and Ethan Zananiri.

Ms. Byerly delivered final remarks, praising the students for their remarkable accomplishments and encouraging them to seize future opportunities. 

Concluding the ceremony, Mr. Hugh Frost expressed gratitude to the students, their families, and the entire school community for their unwavering support. He reaffirmed the school's commitment to nurturing and empowering students to achieve their dreams, whether in the military or various industries.

The recognition ceremony ended on a celebratory note, with the students receiving well-deserved applause and recognition for their achievements. Pickerington High School North and Pickerington Alternative School congratulate the students and wish them success in their future endeavors.

About Pickerington High School North and Pickerington Alternative School: Pickerington High School North and Pickerington Alternative School are committed to providing a comprehensive and inclusive learning environment. They aim to empower students to become well-rounded individuals, fostering academic excellence, personal growth, and community involvement.

Michelle Richardson