Service Learning, Credit Flex, and Online Courses

Peer Collaboration

Students will have the opportunity to learn about disabilities, diversity and acceptance.  The peer collaborator will support students with disabilities in their classes and assist them to succeed by helping them to complete class assignments and participate in class.  Students will be required to participate in a training session, complete a reflection paper due at conclusion of class and keep a daily attendance long.

  • Course Number: 490                   
  • Duration: Semester        
  • Credits: .5                                                        
  • Grade: 10-12      
  • Fees: None

Additional: Application and instructor approval required

Gold Medal Peer

The Gold Medal Peer program is designed to provide an experience for students interested in service learning and volunteerism as well as students who may be interested in a career working with people with disabilities.  This course is offered at Pickerington High School Central and North.  The course is housed in the special education department and is designed to offer a peer social experience for disabled and non-disabled students.

Goals of the program include learning about disabilities, diversity and acceptance.  The course will be based on the Ohio Department of Education’s community service standards.  Gold Medal Peers will model the virtues and attributes of friendship to their peers by assisting and supporting them academically and socially within their general education classes.  This support may include, but is not limited to, help with assignments.  Additionally, gold medal peers will maintain a social connection to their partner peers outside of the classroom setting.

  • Course Number: 491                   
  • Duration: Semester        
  • Credits: .5                                                        
  • Grade: 9-12        
  • Fees: None

Additional: Application and instructor approval required; course is integrated into student’s schedule


Service Learning: Academic Tutoring

Service Learning: Academic Tutoring is a form of experiential learning that offers purposeful learning with real-world applications.  Integrating community service with the common core standards, the 21st century learner will gain valuable insight through the five stages of service learning: investigation, preparation, action, reflection, and demonstration.  Students will participate in an academic tutoring program with a PLSD elementary school and work with elementary students and teachers.

Students that are selected for this class will be in service placements for three days and will be required to attend a weekly meeting session(s).   Students must be able to provide their own reliable transportation to and from a partner elementary school.  Students will be required to have knowledge of Google classroom, complete an online portfolio, make presentations, and keep a daily attendance log.

  • Course Number: 494                   
  • Duration: Full Year          
  • Credits: 1                                                        
  • Grade: 11-12      
  • Fees: None

Additional: Application and instructor approval; recommendation of at least two teachers and excellent attendance recommended records

Service Learning: College Ambassador

The College Ambassador program gives juniors an opportunity to engage in a meaningful leadership position that will jumpstart their engagement with the college process, hone their communication and organizational skills, and provide opportunities to develop relationships with their school counselor, admissions representatives, and peers.  College Ambassador meetings will be twice a month at 7:15 am unless otherwise notified (will need their own transportation).  Scheduled one period a day in the counseling office as a College Ambassador to provide resources and assistance to School Counselors and students who need help with Naviance and/or the college admissions process.

Ambassadors will receive crew lanyard that must always be worn when volunteering.

  • Course Number: 489                   
  • Duration: Full Year          
  • Credits: .5                                                        
  • Grade: 11           
  • Fees: None

Additional: PHSC only; application to the Counseling Office (via this link) by 3/16/2021 required. 

Work-Based Learning Program

Work Based Learning (WBL) is a culminating course in a student’s logical sequence of courses for a chosen career pathway. In this course, students can apply the concepts, skills, and dispositions learned in previous coursework in their pathways in real world business and industry settings. Therefore, it is recommended that at least two courses in a student’s pathway would be applicable to the student enrolling in the stand-alone WBL courses.

A standards-based training plan will be developed by the student, teacher, and workplace mentor to guide the student’s work based learning experiences to evaluate achievement and performance, whether WBL is a standalone course or a component of a discipline-specific career and technical education course.

Intensive applications are a required component of this course and may be either school based or work based or a combination of the two. Work-based learning experiences should be in a closely related industry setting. When a course is offered for multiple hours per semester, the amount of project-based application or work-based learning needs to be increased proportionally.

  • Course Number: Variable           
  • Duration: Variable          
  • Credits: Variable                                                        
  • Grade: 12           
  • Fees: None

Additional: instructor approval; excellent school attendance expected

Employability Skills

This course reviews and practices skills expected of the workforce in the 21st century.