RJHS Counseling Office

Meet our staff and find valuable information relating to course offerings and selection. Information and links are also provided on a variety of student guidance topics. We are here to help!

Our Counseling Office Staff

Kris Owen
Kris Owen
School Counselor/Seventh Grade
Courtney Smoot
Courtney Smoot
School Counselor
Lisa Holley
Lisa Holley
Athletic/Counseling Secretary

New to Pickerington?

Welcome!  We are glad you’re here.  You may enroll by contacting our Welcome Center.

Once you are registered with the Welcome Center, contact us at 614-548-1700, and make an appointment with a counselor to create your class schedule.  We look forward to meeting you!

You may browse course options at Course Catalog 2022-23

Information about Gifted and Advanced Placement Courses

Students new to PLSD are eligible to take Gifted and Advanced courses, according to specific requirements. For more information, click on Gifted Course Info (RTF) or you may contact leanne_ross@plsd.us.

WISE Program

With funding and assistance provided by The United Way of Fairfield County, Ridgeview STEM Jr. High School will again be implementing the WISE program for this school year.  This year we will have two WISE coaches.

What is WISE?


The WISE Program is an educational program designed to improve the organizational skill, study skills, and self-confidence of junior high school students.


When will the WISE program be implemented?


Students can select either first, second or third trimester.  This will take the place of one of their electives.  Students selected to the program will meet 5 days per week during the day.  Students will be withdrawn from one of their electives.


Who will be responsible for working with my child during the WISE program periods?


The WISE Program will be implemented by a WISE Coach working with students that struggle with staying organized, studying for tests and quizzes, and completing work consistently in a timely manner.


If you are interested in more information about your child participating in the WISE program, contact your child’s school counselor at 614-548-1700. You may also complete the WISE consent form (PDF) | WISE consent form (RTF) and return it to the counseling office ASAP.


Mrs. Owen:  Kris_Owen@plsd.us

Mrs. Smoot:  Courtney_Smoot@plsd.us

Mrs. Sommer:  Jennifer_Sommer@plsd.us

Resources for Parents and Students

Suicide Prevention

Common Warning Signs of Suicide

*Marked change in an individual’s behavior
*Giving away favorite possessions
*Previous suicide attempts
*Inappropriate goodbyes
*Obsession with death; revealing a desire to die
*Decline in school performance
*Deterioration of physical appearance/ reckless actions

**Published by the Fairfield County Suicide Prevention Coalition.  If you are concerned about your child, yourself, or someone else, please call one of the following numbers appropriate for your situation:

24 Hour Suicide Prevention
Teen Hotline

Crisis Intervention

National Suicide Prevention Line


Stop Bullying website

The Bully Project

Safer Schools Hotline

Children's Advocacy Project For Kids

Check out this wonderful new resource sponsored by Children’s Hospital.  There is everything from fun activities for kids, to resources for basic needs, to help in finding a career.   Link:   CAP4Kids website

Work Permit


Please Note: minor work permit applications must be signed by the administration at the high school. The District Office does not process the minor work permit applications. Please return to the attention of:

Lisa Holley at (614) 548-1715/Lisa_Holley@plsd.us or

Tracy Redmond (614) 548-1703/Tracy_Redmond@plsd.us

Application for minor work permit | Application for minor work permit (RTF)

Physician’s certificate for minor work permit (PDF) | Physician’s certificate for minor work permit (RTF)