Christy McNulty

Things I want all people to know:
1. I enjoy teaching ELLs.
2. I teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing through content.
3. I also teach my students the culture and the social norms of the US.
4. Just because a student is proficient in speaking does not mean he is proficient in reading and writing.
5. ELL students are adding a language, not replacing a language. It is important that they do not lose their first language.
6. ELLs are smart. Lack of language does not mean lack of knowledge.
7. There are two kinds of language: social and academic. Social language is more casual. It's what we speak outside of school and among our friends. Academic language is spoken in the classroom when content is being taught. The vocabulary for academic language is far more complex. I teach social and academic language to my students.
8. I love to talk about language acquisition so if you have any questions, please contact me.


Capital University B.A.
Ashland University M.A.
The Ohio State University TESOL certification