College Credit Plus

Ohio law now requires that all state public high schools provide students with the “Advanced Standing” programs. These programs are designed to present students with the opportunity to earn college credit toward a degree or career certification during their high school years. At the junior high level, Pickerington Schools offer Ohio’s new college credit courses known as College Credit Plus.

About College Credit Plus

General Information

The College Credit Plus Program (CCP) offers qualified high school students on-site access to directly transcripted credit through dual-credit. Students passing CCP classes will receive both high school and college credit for the course at no cost and without taking an exit exam. Students may enroll in college courses at their high school buildings, at local college campuses, or online. Classes may be taught by college faculty or Pickerington faculty with proper credentials.

College Credit Plus courses are taught by teachers who hold credentials as adjunct professors at an Ohio college or university, or work directly with college or university faculty members. Successful completion of coursework in the CCP program will earn students college credit that is accepted by all of Ohio’s universities and colleges and many out-of-state and private institutions.

Location, manner of delivery, and scheduling of courses may vary.

  • Students must meet qualifying grade averages and ACT (or equivalent) scores to take CCP courses. As these are college courses, qualifications are set by the university or college awarding credit and vary between courses and programs.
  • Courses follow the same schedule as their college counterparts and are a semester long.
  • Students taking CCP classes do not take a national exam at the end of the course and, by state law, are not charged for participation in the program.

CCP courses will appear as “Advanced Placement” on students’ Pickerington transcripts if similar AP courses exist.

Introduction and Overview of College Credit Plus

The Ohio Department of Education offers the following introduction to the College Credit Plus program.

Introduction (PDF) | Introduction (RTF)

You may also visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website to read frequently asked questions regarding the College Credit Plus program.

Instructions for Enrolling in Dual Credit Program

Steps to enroll in the dual enrollment program at Pickerington Schools.

  1. Go to the Columbus State Community College website and click on the box marked “Apply to Columbus State.” Then, click on “Apply Now” under “New Students.”
  2. At the new screen, create an account. This takes you to the online application. Fill out the information as needed. Create a user name and password. Write these down (you will need them later.) Passwords have to meet all security guidelines listed.
  3. Go back to the login screen. Enter the user name and password you just selected.
  4. Review the terms of use and agree to continue. Then, click “Start Application.”
  5. Are you a high school/home school student interested in taking classes while you’re in high school? Mark “Yes.” Save and continue.
  6. Enter your name in the space provided. Be sure the name is the full and correct legal name. Be sure to put your first and last names in the appropriate boxes.
  7. Answer about previous legal names as appropriate.
  8. Answer birthdate, gender, Latino, and parents’ completion of a 4-year bachelor’s degree.
  9. Lookup your address using the “address lookup” button. Mark your county of residence (it is not added automatically). Then, continue.
  10. Physical address: Answer as appropriate, then continue.
  11. Phone: Answer as appropriate, then continue.
  12. Email: Provide an email address to you use, then continue.
  13. Emergency contact: Answer as appropriate.
  14. Enrollment plans. Answer as appropriate and select “Autumn 2015” for the start term.
  15. High school: Use the “Look Up” button and search for your school. Click on your school name. Enter your dates of attendance to present and answer “No” for tech prep.
  16. Previous college: Answer as appropriate.
  17. College disciplinary record: Answer as appropriate.
  18. Citizenship information: Click “Yes” if you are a U.S. citizen. If you are not a U.S. citizen, more legal documentation is required as indicated and you may have to contact the college directly.
  19. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see “College Credit Plus Conditions and Authorizations.” Agree to the disclaimer and continue.
  20. Review the application for your name and address information, then agree to the confirmation disclaimer and click “continue.”
  21. Digitally sign and date your application. Submit the application. You should get a confirmation that the process is complete.
Intent to Participate in College Credit Plus Form

Students planning to participate in College Credit Plus in Pickerington Schools should complete the attached intent to enroll form (PDF) | intent to enroll form (RTF).

The Basics

College Credit Plus

  • Duration of class: One semester (half-year)
  • Credit awarded: One (1) high school credit
  • Weighted credit: 5.0 A
  • Exam needed for college: No; a course grade earned is directly transcripted to college
  • Cost: None
  • Application process: Must qualify for college course