Preschool Calendar and School Closings

Download the Preschool calendar for the current school year. View detailed information regarding calamity days. The information found on this page will help you to plan ahead and be prepared.

Closings and Delays

Occasionally, Pickerington Schools may determine it is appropriate to close or delay school start times based on inclement weather or other reasons.  These decisions are made for the safety of our students.

We understand that these decisions have a big effect on families as they plan their day, and now is an excellent time to establish your family emergency plan for such potential closings.

Calamity Days

A calamity day is any day in which a school cancels instruction for any of the following reasons.

Hazardous weather conditions
  • Information on road conditions from transportation staff, law enforcement and road crews. The district gives careful consideration to the most dangerous roads in the district. They can be treacherous, even if your street looks clear.
  • Accumulated snow and ice.
  • Temperature and wind chill.
  • Impact on transportation services. School bus diesel fuel begins to gel at temperatures of zero degrees or below.
  • Weather predictions (including those from a weather alert service).
  • Building conditions (e.g., electricity, heat, water)
Other conditions
  • Disease epidemic
  • Inoperability of school buses or equipment necessary to the school’s operation
  • Damage to a school building
  • Temporary utility failure rendering the building unsuitable for school use
How Does the District Make Up Calamity Days?

Back in the 2020-21 school year, calamity days were converted from school closure days to virtual learning days. Students are required to attend school virtually from home so calamity days will not need to be made up.

All students need to log in for attendance through Infinite Campus on the calamity virtual learning day. Parents, — please make sure your contacts are up to date in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal so you receive all calamity day communications from Pickerington Schools.

All assignments will be posted into Seesaw (grades K-4) or Google Classroom (grades 5-12) by 9:00 AM of the calamity day. All activities will be asynchronous, meaning students will be able to work on the assignments at their own pace. Students’ lessons in grades K-4 will focus largely on reading and mathematics. The related arts will also post on SeeSaw depending on the rotation day (ABCDE). Students in grades 5-12 will have assignments from each of their subjects/periods.

Teachers will host two 30-minute Google Meets that are optional for students to attend. Teachers will be available during these Google Meets to assist students with their calamity work. One Google Meet will be held between 9:00 AM and noon and the other will be held between noon and 3:00 PM. Teachers will post these links and times in SeeSaw and Google Classroom.

Students will have five school days to finish all calamity day assignments.

There is no requirement for submitting daily attendance through Infinite Campus.

Note for Preschool parents: Teachers will send a Google Meet invitation to  parents/students by 9:00 AM on the calamity day. All assignments will be posted in  Seesaw by 9:00 AM of the calamity day.

Where Does the District Announce Closings and Delays?

Phone and email alerts

Pickerington Schools will announce emergency closing and delay information through pre-recorded telephone calls to current parents/guardians telephone numbers on file with the district.

The district also sends email messages about any delays or closures via this notification system.

It is important to keep student contact information current by logging into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and updating your contact information.

District website and social media

Information about school closures or delays will be posted on the home page of the district’s website, on our Facebook page, and on Twitter.

Television and Radio Stations

Pickerington Schools shares any school delay or closure information with local television and radio stations.

Each local television station offers a school closing/delays text message program that sends closure/delay information directly to your phone.

Channel 4

Channel 6

Channel 10

Who Makes the Decision?

The superintendent makes the final decision, based upon various factors and recommendations from the transportation and facilities teams.

Pickerington Schools is a large and geographically diverse district. Weather and road conditions may be fine in one portion of the district, but not in another. In such instances, we must close school or modify the school day for the entire district.

When is the Decision Made?

We strive to make the decision to delay or close by 5:30 a.m. or earlier so we can notify radio and TV stations, post to the district website, and send electronic notices to emergency announcement subscribers.

Unusual weather conditions may force us to make the decision after this time. For that reason, parents and students are advised to stay tuned to major television and radio stations, as well as our website and e-communications notices, for updates.

Once a decision is made to delay or close school, the information will be shared with parents as quickly as possible.