Applying to Pickerington Preschool

If you are interested in the Pickerington Preschool program and want to know if your child is eligible to attend, please fill out the application form found on this page.


Preschool Application

You must be a resident of the Pickerington Local School District to attend Pickerington Preschool. The District will ask for proof of residency for all students who enroll. 

Filling out the preschool application gives us the information we need for classroom placement.  Please make sure you click submit at the end of the form.  You should receive an email with a copy of your application.

22-23 Preschool Application

Please note that applying to Preschool and enrolling are two separate steps.


How to Enroll Children with Special Needs

1.  Parents complete the 22-23 Preschool Application.

2.  After the survey is completed, a staff member will call parents, within two business days, to schedule a screening with the preschool staff. Screenings are held on Fridays.

3.  The school psychologist will call with the screening results and recommended next steps within a week of the screening.

4. If an evaluation is recommended, parents will be asked to complete the two-step enrollment process through the Welcome Center. The two-step process involves both completing online forms and attending an appointment at the Welcome Center.

5.  If an evaluation is recommended, the school psychologist will schedule follow-up appointments with your family.

Peer/Role Models Application

Pickerington Schools is screening 3 & 4 year old children to be typical models for special needs classrooms for the 22-23 school year.

Who should be screened?

  • Three & four year old children who not attending kindergarten.
  • Children that have excellent communication skills.
  • Children who are outgoing.
  • Children that show empathy for others.
  • Children who have cooperative play skills.
  • Children who are LEADERS.

Screenings will include:

  • Speech & Language Skills Gross Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills.
  • Cognitive Skills.

To ensure space for next year, fill out the 22-23 preschool application for typical preschool enrollment, then staff will do a screening to see if your child(ren) are a good fit. You will notice that on the application, there is a spot to mark typical or suspected disability.

Once this is submitted, Tammy Pruden or Sherri Dittoe will contact you with a date and time for your screening. Children must be at least 3 and potty trained to attend.

Cost for typical models is $154.00/month. Parent transportation is REQUIRED.

Questions: Contact Preschool Supervisor Amy McNeal at 614-834-2621.