Back to School at North in 2018

From supply lists to student handbooks, from school menus to easy ways to update your family's information online, this page is your one-stop shop with all the information you'll need to get your kids ready for school at Pickerington High School North!


Information From The District

If you have not yet filled in your back-to-school forms and reviewed the important back-to-school information from the district, please visit the Pickerington Schools Back-To-School page for 2018.

Letter from the Principal

Dear Panther Students and Parents/Guardians,

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you and your child to the 2018-2019 school year.  The custodial staff, teachers and office personnel have been diligently working over the summer months in preparation for what should be an outstanding year.  We hope that you and your child find the environment at PHSN as Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive and Safe.

To the incoming Freshman Class of 2022, I say welcome! As our class of 2019 knows, your high school years will go quickly. I would like to challenge all of our students to set goals and become involved to make every day count. We are fortunate to have many outlets for our students to grow and represent our school and community academically, artistically and athletically. Make it a goal to be involved at PHSN.

I encourage you to visit the district’s website for important information. I will send out a weekly “Message from the Principal” to review and update you on important events. The majority of our communication will be delivered via Infinite Campus. Please visit your parent portal to ensure all directory information is up to date. You can also follow me on twitter @mr_ulbrich and PHSN on Facebook.

This year our Panther Welcome Days will take place Tuesday, August 7, and Wednesday, August 8. We will be distributing class schedules. Emergency forms should be completed and dropped off during Welcome Days.

It is very important to attend the Panther Welcome Days because it helps to make everyone prepared for the first day of school with minimal disruption. Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will see you on August 7 and 8 for Panther Welcome Days and August 15 for the first day of school.

Best Wishes,

Mark Ulbrich


Upcoming Events

Panther Welcome Days

We will have two days of welcome back activities. The schedule will be as follows:

Aug 7:  8:00 – 11:00 All Seniors
Freshman with January-March birthdays
12:00 – 3:00 All Juniors
Freshman with April-June birthdays

Aug 8:  8:00 – 11:00 All Sophomores
Freshman with July-September birthdays
12:00 – 3:00 Make-Up Session
Freshman with October-December birthdays

On Welcome Days, please enter through the Athletic doors. Here you will be greeted by volunteers and staff.

Once you have completed all stations necessary, you are welcome to walk the building and check out your locker.

Counselors will be available in the Big Study Hall (RM-219) for schedule emergencies only.

Pickerington North Open House

Open House will be held on Monday, August 13th.

Teachers will be located in their classrooms from 5:00 – 7:00 pm to meet and pass out hand-outs to parents and students. Please come out and visit the school and meet your teachers for the coming year.

Freshmen Orientation
Freshmen Orientation will be held on August 13th at 7:00 pm in the PAC.

Additional Info for Parents

Important Information About School Pictures

HR Imaging, our official school photographer, will be mailing school picture flyer/forms directly to student addresses. The flyer/form you receive should be used by your student for the school portrait process on August 17th. Please watch your mail for this information from HR Imaging.

PTO Membership & Volunteer Information

PTO 2018-2019 Leadership Team

President – Candice Thomas-Maddox 614-286-4942

Vice President -Heather Downs 740-326-9699

Treasurer – Sandy Mason 614-208-2757

Secretary – Lori Cunningham 614-625-6410

Staff Appreciation – Tiffany Smith 614 531-7760

Antique & Craft Show – Jennifer Clemens 614-288-8007

After Prom

Homecoming Liaison

Scholarship Representative

Social Media Coordinator

Curriculum Council Rep

Rave To Save


2018-2019 PTO – Important Dates

September 12th (Wednesday) – PTO Meeting – 6:30 p.m.

November 2nd (Friday) – Arts & Craft Show Set-Up @ Pickerington Central – Time TBA

November 3rd (Saturday) – Arts & Craft Show @ Pickerington Central – All Day

November 14th (Wednesday) – PTO Meeting – 6:30 p.m.

February 13th (Wednesday) – PTO Meeting – 6:30 p.m.

April 10th (Wednesday) – PTO Meeting – 6:30 p.m.

May 11th (Saturday) – After Prom Set-Up – Time TBA

May 24th (Friday) – Last Day of School

May 25th (Saturday) – PHSN Graduation – Afternoon


PTO Membership & Volunteer Information

Welcome to Pickerington North PTO!  Our mission is to provide support for your students and their teachers to ensure a quality academic experience.  To do this, we need your help!  Volunteers are essential to hosting events and activities for our PHSN students.

Membership in PTO is free – all we ask is that each family volunteer to help our students by completing either the online form via the link below or download and complete the form below and ask your student to drop it off at the PHSN front office.  If you have questions, please contact Candice Maddox (PTO President) at 614-286-4942 or


Thank you in advance for your support of our Pickerington North students!  We look forward to working with you this year.

Please click the link below for volunteer opportunities:

PTO Membership & Volunteer Form

PTO Membership & Volunteer Form -RTF


Required Forms

Parking Pass Form

In order to park a car on campus, students must have a valid parking pass.

Parking pass application (PDF) | Parking pass application (RTF)

Important Back To School Information

Daily Schedule (Start/Stop Times)

Standard day

Start time: 7:55 a.m.

Dismissal time: 2:55 p.m.

Days with 2-hour delay

Start time: 9:55 a.m.

Dismissal time: 2:55 p.m.

Back to School Supplies

Below you will find supplies that are required for individual teachers/classes at Pickerington North


Bayless / Oakes

Mr. Oakes’ and Mrs. Bayless’ Algebra/Geometry Class Supply List

  1. Organizational Folder or Binder
  2. Tissues
  3. Expo Chisel Dry Erase Markers
  4. Paper
  5. Box of 24 Pencils
  6. Optional Calculator: TI-84 Plus (if you want your own handheld. Otherwise we will use the Desmos Online Calculator.)


Mr. Oakes’ and Mrs. Bayless’ Algebra 2 and Above Class Supply List

  1. Organizational Folder or Binder
  2. Tissues
  3. Expo Chisel Dry Erase Markers
  4. Paper
  5. Box of 24 Pencils
  6. Optional Calculator: TI-84 Plus



AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC

Must Have:
Graphing Calculator

Should Have:
A love of math

Might Have:

M. Wade

Honors Algebra 2

  1. graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus)
  2. organization for math (preferably a 3-ring binder)
  3. paper, pencils, erasers
  4. box of tissues
  5. pack of think expo dry erase markers


  1. Calculator TI-30X
  2. box of tissues
  3. index cards
  4. organization for math (preferably a 3-ring binder)
  5. paper, pencils, erasers
  6. a pack of thick expo dry erase markers
E. Thomas

CCP College Algebra, CCP Stats, CCP Pre-Calc

  • TI-84 Plus graphing calculator
  • paper
  • pencils
  • folder or binder
  • 1 box of tissues

Algebra 2

  • TI-84 Plus graphing calculator
  • folder to keep in room
  • folder or binder to organize
  • paper
  • pencils
  • 1 pack of Expo brand thick dry erase markers
  • 1 box of tissues



Materials Needed for Forensic Science:

  1.  3 ring notebook (you will keep everything in this notebook)
  2.  pens (blue or black ink)
  3.  pencils or mechanical pencils (#2)
  4.  colored pencils (at least 12 different colors)
  5.  calculator
  6.  lab or activity materials when needed ( I will remind you of these special items when needed.  Please refer to your syllabus.)
Greschuk, Dorsey, McCullough & Prestifilippo

Integrated Science

  1. 3-Ring binder (1.5”)
  2. 8 Dividers
  3. Scientific Calculator
  4. Paper, college ruled
  5. Pencils
  6. Highlighter



Ms. Allen – Supply List:  2018-20

Honors English 10 + English 10 + CCP Composition I

  1. Pens/pencils
  2. Highlighters
  3. Binder with loose leaf paper
  4. 1 box of tissues (to be stored in classroom)
D. Wade

Class supplies

  1. Three-hole notebook paper
  2. One multicolor set of hi-lighters
  3. Pencils/Eraser
  4. Pens
  5. Pocket Folder or 1” Three-ring Binder



Honors World History School Supply List 2018-2019

  1. Headphones
  2. Coloring Pencils
  3. Donations of Tissues & Dry Erase Markers are appreciated
AP European History
  1. Headphones
  2. Folder or 3 ring binder
  3. Blue or Black Ink pens
  4. Donations of Tissues & Dry Erase Markers are appreciated
  5. *Optional Supplemental Book: Brautigam, J. E. (2018). 5 Steps To A 5: Ap European History 2019. S.l.: McGraw-Hill Education.
POD and World History classes

1. Highlighters (at least 2 different colors)
2. Paper
3. 3 ring binder
4. whole punch
5. color pencils
6. pens and pencils

7. Headphones

  • Donations of Tissues & Dry Erase Markers are appreciated

World History School Supply List 2018-2019

  1. Headphones
  2. Coloring Pencils
  3. Donations of Tissues & Dry Erase Markers are appreciated
Economics School Supply List 2018-2019
  1. Headphones
  2. Coloring Pencils
  3. Donations of Tissues & Dry Erase Markers are appreciated

School Supply List 2018-2019 School Year

Joni Cooper (Starkey)

Advanced Placement US History

  1. Colored Pencils-this is the one item I asked for every student to have just for my course


Additional suggestions

  1. Pens
  2. Pencils
  3. Paper
  4. Three ring binder
  5. Highlighters
  6. Post it notes
  7. Note cards if they want to use for key terms
  8. AMSCO-attached is an order form for parents to use. AMSCO can be purchased through most book stores and Amazon. It is recommended but not mandatory

Support Student Success On AP

*These are all suggestions for students to be organized and successful in this course.


CCP-Introduction to Education

No additional supplies

CCP-US History

No additional supplies


2018-2019 Supplies:  AP Government

  1. Binder OR a few folders (6 preferred for organization)
  2. Loose-leaf paper (college lined preferred)
  3. Highlighter
  4. Pencils and Pens


R. Green
French 2
  1. folder
  2. dry-erase markers

French 3

  1. folder
  2. dry-erase markers
French 4
  1. folder
  2. mead composition notebook

Spanish 2

  1. folder
  2. dry-erase markers
E. Green

2018-2019 Supply List for Mrs. Green

All Students

  1. -notebook or section in binder specifically for Spanish
  2. -highlighters OR colored pens for color-coding notes
  3. -colored pencils



Molly Zeiher, Megan Haas, Katie Roeger & Misty Merrill

School Supply List

Three ring binder with a plastic cover

Two large boxes of Kleenex

6 large glue sticks

1 bottle of Elmer’s Liquid Glue


1 Ziploc Sandwich Baggies and 1 One Gallon Ziploc Baggies

1 Large Container of Clorox/Lysol disinfectant wipes

2 bottles of hand Sanitizer

Package of disposable cups

Package of paper plates


Extra change of clothing/underwear to leave at school (if appropriate)

Personal Hygiene products

  1.  Deodorant
  2.  toothbrush/toothpaste
  3.  Brush and/or comb

d  Small bottle of lotion (if necessary)

  1. Wipes (if required)

Thank you in advance for providing these items.  If you have any questions feel free to contact your Teacher of Record teacher (TOR).


Mr. Dennison’s Material List for 2018-2019

  1. 1 ½ – 2 inch three ring binder (for science only)
  2. 1 pack of index cards (100 count)
  3. Wooden #2 pencils (No mechanical pencils please)
  4. 8 count colored pencils (minimum)
  5. One of the following:         Hand sanitizer, Tissues or Lysol wipes



For ALL of my classes, the students will need:

  1. Pencils (mechanical or #2)
  2. Flash Drive