Pickerington High School North Panthers

Athletic Director - Molly Feesler
Assistant Athletic Director - Jeffrey Good
Athletic Secretary - Jackie Earhart

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A. High School

During the preceding grading period, the student must have received passing grades in a minimum of five (5) one-credit courses, or the equivalent, which count toward graduation.

B. Junior High

A student enrolling in the seventh grade for the first time will be eligible for the first grading period regardless of the previous academic achievement. Thereafter, in order to be eligible, a student in grade 7 or 8 must be currently enrolled in school the immediately preceding grading period and received passing grades during that grading period in a minimum of five (5) of those subjects in which the student received grades.

C. High School and Junior High

The eligibility or ineligibility of a student continues until the start of the fifth school day of the next grading period, at which time the grades from the immediately preceding grading period become effective.

D. High School

A student enrolled in the first grading period after advancement from eighth grade must have passed a minimum of five (5) of all subjects carried the preceding grading period (the last grading period of 8th grade) in which the student was enrolled.

E. High School and Junior High

Summer school grades and other educational options may not be used to substitute for failure to meet the academic standards during the last grading period of the school year.

NCAA Standards and Eligibility

Any high school credit class taken prior to the ninth grade will not count toward eligibility for a student athlete’s participation in Division I and Division II college athletics. Please see your guidance counselor or the NCAA Eligibility Center website for more information.

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