Advanced Standing Courses (AP and College Credit Plus)

Ohio law now requires that all state public high schools provide students with the “Advanced Standing” programs. These programs are designed to present students with the opportunity to earn college credit toward a degree or career certification during their high school years. Pickerington Schools offer Advanced Placement courses, as well as Ohio’s new college credit courses known as College Credit Plus.

About College Credit Plus

General Information

The College Credit Plus program (CCP) offers qualified high school students onsite access to directly transcripted credit through dual credit. Students passing CCP classes will receive both high school and college credit for the course at no cost and without taking an exit exam. Students may enroll in college courses at their high school buildings, at local college campuses, or online. Classes may be taught by college faculty or Pickerington faculty with proper credentials.

Successful completion of coursework in the CCP program will earn students college credit that is accepted by all of Ohio’s universities and colleges and many out-of-state and private institutions. Location, manner of delivery, and scheduling of courses may vary. These are not high school courses – these are college courses offered for concurrent high school credit. Parents and students should expect differences in process and plan accordingly.

  • Students must meet qualifying grade averages and ACT (or equivalent) scores to take CCP courses. As these are college courses, qualifications are set by the university or college awarding credit and vary between courses and programs.
  • Courses follow the same schedule as their college counterparts and are a semester long.
  • Students taking CCP classes do not take a national exam at the end of the course and, by state law, are not charged for participation in the program.
  • Students are limited to thirty (30) credits of CCP-funded courses per year. Please remember that local high school courses are part of that funding as well, with each one (1) high school credit course using three (3) CCP credits.
Introduction and overview of College Credit Plus

The Ohio Department of Education offers this introduction and overview to the College Credit Plus program.

2017 Presentation to Parents and Students about College Credit Plus

In February 2017, Instructional Coach for College and Career Readiness  presented this information to students and parents about the district’s College Credit Plus offerings.

Intent to participate in College Credit Plus form

Students planning to participate in College Credit Plus in Pickerington Schools should complete the attached form.

Dual Credit Pathway Options

Students have the opportunity to earn college credits in the manner of their choosing. Some suggested series are on the linked pdf.


Under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the rights accorded to a parent, which would include permission and consent, transfer to a student who turns 18 or enters an institution of post-secondary education. This would include all dual enrollment classes offered by the district in cooperation with a college or university. Parents still maintain the right to access student records (e.g., final grades, attendance) as long as they student is a dependent student for tax purposes.

Students are accountable for their own behaviors and actions. Compliance with the rules of the school, including attendance, will be addressed directly with the student. Correspondence from the school will be sent directly to the student.

It is the expectation of the student to keep his/her parent informed.

If you have any questions about the transfer of rights, please contact any of the building principals.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

About AP Courses

Advanced Placement courses are taught by teachers using a curriculum approved by the College Board. Successful completion of coursework in the AP program allows students the opportunity to take an exam in May. Students who earn at least a score of a 3 on the AP test receive credit that is accepted by all of Ohio’s public universities and colleges.

The number of credits and how they apply towards a degree vary depending on the test and the college. Students can only receive such credit if they take the AP test. Private colleges and universities outside of Ohio have specific policies in place that may vary from Ohio’s public institutions.

  • AP courses are more rigorous than traditional high school courses and are designed to develop the skills needed for success in college. Students must be prepared to take on the additional responsibility.
  • Courses follow the AP curriculum to prepare students for the AP exam at the end of the yearlong course.
  • Students taking AP classes participate in the AP exam to demonstrate competency and potentially qualify for college credit and are charged for participation in the program.
  • Students that do not participate in the AP exam will not be eligible for college credit, nor receive a weighted grade.