Graduation, College Readiness & Diploma Options

Whether a freshman or a senior, this page has all of your graduation requirement details. The information below will help you navigate a path to earning your diploma.

Graduation Requirements

Minimum Requirements

This section outlines the minimum requirements for a diploma. Preparation for specific occupations, for college, or for other interests will require careful planning of high school courses in addition to these minimum requirements. The school counseling staff at the high schools stand ready to assist each student with this planning.

Select Credit Credit Plus and Advanced Placement courses may meet some course requirements.

Students must complete at least twenty (20) academic credits. Of those, credits must include:

English Language Arts: Four Credits

Science: Three Credits

If the student took Integrated Science in 8th grade for high school credit, he or she must take Biology in the 9th grade. Students completing Science 8 must take Integrated Science in the 9th grade.

  • Integrated Science – 1 credit
  • Biology – 1 credit
  • Advanced Science – 1 credit

Mathematics: Four Credits

One of which shall be Algebra 2 or its equivalent

Social Studies: Three Credits

  • World History – 1 credit
  • American History – 1 credit
  • Economics – 1/2 credit
  • Principles of Democracy (Government) – 1/2 credit

Health: One-half Credit

Physical Education or PE Replacement Option: One-half Credit

PE requirement may be replaced with a 1/2 credit of elective credit if a student completes 2 full seasons of Marching Band, Cheerleading or an OHSAA approved sport. The student will need to complete an additional 1/2 credit of an elective. Students must complete a PE Replacement Application.

Fine Arts: Any course from Music, Art, Theatre, Photography, Graphic Arts, Advanced Photography A and Advanced Photography B) – 1 credit

Electives: Four Credits of courses other than PE and health*

  • Any student planning to pursue a baccalaureate degree should take at least 2 credits of a foreign language.
  • Ohio Revised Code specifies electives credits must include one or any combination of foreign language, fine arts, business, career-technical education, family and consumer sciences, technology, agricultural education or English language arts, mathematics, science or social studies courses not otherwise required.

If a student fails a required course, it is his/her responsibility to re-schedule that course.

State of Ohio Graduation Requirements, including State Testing requirements, can be found online.

Ohio Graduation Requirements

Ohio’s transition to multiple options for earning a high school diploma is an exciting one for students who will have more flexibility for success in school and preparing for their futures after high school. The Ohio Department of Education is providing three tools to communicate effectively these options.

Honors Diplomas

About Honors Diplomas

The State of Ohio has developed several options for students who wish to pursue an honors diploma. Please read through the following information carefully and take advantage of the honors diploma worksheets Pickerington Schools offer to help you better understand if you qualify for an honors diploma.

Each student may only earn one honors diploma.

Click on the following hyperlinks to read more about each diploma type or visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website.

Students will find the following documents and guidance useful in determining how to decide whether or not they qualify for an honors diploma and how to go about the process of receiving an honors diploma:

Students must share their intent to pursue an honors diploma by the end of March of their senior year by submitting this Google Form to allow the district enough time to secure a panel of experts for portfolio and document review and verification.

Questions? Contact your school counselor!