Course Selection and Class Registration

Just as every student is unique, so are no two classes identical. Pickerington schools offer a variety of courses and programs to accommodate the varied educational interests of our many students. Explore the wealth of information provided below. School counselors are also available to help guide students through the numerous options and requirements.

Courses and Class Registration

Suggestions Before Requesting Courses Through Infinite Campus

Suggestions before requesting courses online

Print out a scheduling transcript to view previous courses, grades, and credits earned by logging into an Infinite Campus portal account through a web browser, then going to “Reports” and “Scheduling Transcript.”

View the counselor’s presentations (located below on this page) that were given to students.

Review the Course Registration Guide beforehand to learn more about the classes, credits, fees, etc.

Review the other helpful documents on the Course Registration page to learn more about the graduation requirements, grading policies, diplomas, NCAA standards, etc.

Log into the portal using a web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer). Mobile devices using a web browser/internet connection can be used, but you will not be able to use the mobile app for course registration.

Requesting Courses: Infinite Campus Multi-Year Academic Planner

Note: Individuals needing additional assistance regarding accessibility of the step-by-step directions below should contact their school counselors.

Students who are currently in grades 8-11 will use a feature in Infinite Campus called the “Multi-Year Academic Planner” (MYAP) to both request courses for next year, and to plan their remaining years in high school.

View a short introductory video to MYAP.

For instructions on using the Academic Planner, click on the following links:

For information on tracking student progress toward their graduation plan, click on the following links:

Counselors' Presentations (2018-19)

Counselors’ Presentation

Credit check form

Presentations (Transcripts and Graduation Checks)

Air Testing

Infinite Campus and Academic Planner


Credits, Minimum Passing Requirements, Course Load


The recommended number of credits should should have completed to be on track for graduation in four years are:

  • Assignment to 10th grade = a minimum of 5 academic credits
  • Assignment to 11th grade = a minimum of 10 academic credits
  • Assignment to 12th grade = a minimum of 15 academic credits

Minimum Class Passing Requirements

A student will pass a course if he/she earns a minimum of 0.67 quality points or D-.


Some courses have requirements that need to be met before the student may enroll. Check the “prerequisite” or “recommended” section listed after each class.

Course Load

The master schedule of course offerings (teaching assignments) is arranged each year to reflect the student requests made during the spring registration of the previous school year. Request for change will only be honored if space is available. Students with fewer than 12 credits after two years of high school will be required to take a minimum of six (6) classes per semester. All high school students must take a minimum of five (5) courses and no more than a maximum of seven (7) courses per semester. Since the master schedule is designed based on student interest, any changes after its completion will be limited.

Auditing or Repeating a Course

Students have an option to audit or repeat a course for a variety of reasons, such as gaining exposure to a new content or strengthening understanding of previously taken content.

  • Students must complete a form for auditing or repeating a course.
  • When a student repeats a previously passed course, the transcript will reflect the higher grade attained.
  • The NCAA will not recognize repeated courses for athletic eligibility. Credit will not be given for an audited course
  1. If a student chooses to audit a course, then the transcript will designate an audited course.
  2. An audited course will not count towards graduation honors (awards) or in any athletic eligibility considerations.
  3. An audited course will not count in any GPA considerations
  4. An audited course will not count towards meeting any pre-requisite for another course.
  5. The student must remain in good standing (i.e., no attendance or discipline problems) to remain in course.
Pass/Fail Options

Students in grades 7-12 may take elective courses on a pass/fail basis based on the following guidelines. Courses eligible for the pass/fail option are identified on the pass/fail registration form. The student, his/her parent, and the teacher must complete and sign a pass/fail registration form. Interested students may secure this form in the Counselor’s office.

1. “Electives” are defined on the pass/fail registration form that students must complete.

2. Students in grades 9-12 may take up to one (1) elective credit per year as Pass/Fail (in addition to P.E.) in all areas excluding core classes and foreign languages. PE classes may always be taken pass/fail and may be an additional pass/fail class beyond the student’s pass/fail course selection.

3. Foreign Languages will only be considered an “elective” and eligible for pass/fail if, after a student has completed at least two years of a foreign language and wants to attempt a different foreign language.

3. Registration for a pass/fail course must be made during the first four (4) weeks of a course. Should a student decide later to take the course as a grade option (A, B, C, D, F), he/she must do so by the end of the final grading period. For students choosing the grade option (A, B, C, D, F), only the final grade will be changed. If a student elects to change a pass/fail course to a letter grade, this will count as his/her one pass/fail selection for the school year.

5. The procedure for adding or dropping a course shall also apply to pass/fail courses.

6. A grade of satisfactory (pass) or unsatisfactory (fail) will be given for progress in each grading period. The teacher should record all letter grades as usual in his/her grade book. Pass/fail will be recorded only on grade cards and permanent record cards.

7. Given extenuating circumstances, pass/fail grading may be utilized in grades 6-8 as determined by the building principal in consultation with the teaching staff and by approval of the Superintendent/designee for all classes that are not for high school credit.

8. English Learners (EL) students (K-12) may take any class pass/fail as long as recommended by the appropriate teaching staff and by approval of the Superintendent/designee

Summer 2018 Credit Recovery/Grade Replacement

Pickerington Schools will offer a credit recovery/grade replacement program during the summer of 2018. The program is open to any current high school or past students of the Pickerington Schools. Out-of-district students may be considered if space is available.

Registration is coming soon!

Credit Recovery is a self-guided, computer-based program that will allow a student to earn credits in areas where the student has previously been unsuccessful.

Courses will vary in terms of the hourly requirements needed to complete a course. Each course will be worth ½ to 1 (0.5 – 1.0) Carnegie units. There are ways for a student to accelerate progress by pre-testing out of some units. Students will be able to take as many credits as they want during the session but will not be permitted to work on more than one course at a time.  

Registration will be on a first-come basis, although students who should have graduated in May 2018 will be given the first priority of placement. All Pickerington students will be given priority before the placement of any student from outside the school district.

Summer Session 2017 (2018 dates TBD)

  • Dates: June 6 through July 7 at Pickerington High School North, Room 109.
  • Registration is not complete until payment is received AND you have attended one of the mandatory orientation sessions.
  • The student ​AND​ parent must attend an orientation on May 25 at the Pickerington High School North Lecture Hall. You may attend the first session at 6 p.m. OR the second session at 7 p.m. You only need to attend one of the sessions. ​Please contact the Teaching and Learning Department at 614.920.6167 if you are unable to attend one of the sessions on May 25. Other arrangements may be made but can result in a delay in the registration process.

Available courses 2017 (2018 courses TBD)

  • Math: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Probability and Statistics
  • Science: Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • English: English 9, 10, 11 and 12
  • Social Studies: World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government and Politics, Sociology
  • World Languages: French 1, French 2, Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, German 1, German 2
  • Health

Class hours 2017 (2018 times TBD)

  • ​Regular Session: Tuesdays through Fridays, June 6-July 7 (no class July 4); 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • Extended Session: Tuesdays through Fridays, July 11-21; 10 am – 2 pm
  • Students taking courses for credit recovery MUST attend school during class hours until the course is completed. If they do not, there will be no extensions.
  • ​ALL tests must be completed in person during class hours


The cost is $200 for in-district students during regular session. This cost covers all courses completed during regular session. An additional $200 will be collected for each course taken during the extended session.

The cost is $250 per course for out-of-district students.

Registration and payment to be completed on Infinite Campus.

Questions should be directed to the Teaching and Learning Department at 614.920.6167 or email:    

Summer Physical Education Courses

Pickerington Schools will offer a physical education course this summer for 1/4 credit. The class is open to students who will be in grades 8 -12  for the 2018-19 school year. For next year’s eighth graders to be eligible, they must have:

  • successfully completed junior high physical education with a “B” grade or better, and
  • meet grade 9 literacy requirements.

The cost for this course is $175. Registration and payment will be done online. (Coming soon.)

This course will be held at Ridgeview STEM Junior High School. Dates coming soon.



Physical Education Waiver

All students who during high school have participated in interscholastic athletics (recognized by the OHSAA), marching band, or cheerleading for at least two full seasons, may waive the required 2 semesters of physical education for graduation. No actual credit is attached for interscholastic athletics and cheerleading. Students still must complete 20 credits to graduate.

A student shall be able to participate in this program provided he or she brings evidence of participation signed by either the athletic or band director and the school principal/designee documenting participation in one or two full seasons of an interscholastic athletic team, marching band, or cheerleading.

Interscholastic athletics shall comprise any sport that has the approval and is sanctioned by the Board and the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Any Pickerington Schools student wishing to use this waiver should submit the PE Waiver Form with course registration.

Completion of a season will mean that a student has participated in the entire length of a season. A partial participation shall be considered as not completing the season. Any student who is injured during said season and is unable to participate in at least 50% of the season shall be considered as not completing the season. If a student is removed, quits or becomes academically ineligible during the season, said student shall forfeit the option of using that activity as partial fulfillment of the Replacement of Physical Education Policy. Any student who fails to meet the 2-season requirement shall be required to complete the one-half credit of Physical Education before graduating.

In order to graduate from the Pickerington Schools a student must have earned a total of 20 credits.

Schedule Change Policy

The master schedule of course offerings (teaching assignments) is arranged each year to reflect the student requests made during the spring registration of the previous school year. Request for change will only be honored if space is available.

Students with fewer than 12 credits after two years of high school will be required to take a minimum of six (6) classes per semester. All high school students must take a minimum of five (5) courses and no more than a maximum of seven (7) courses per semester. Since the master schedule is designed based on student interest, any changes after its completion will be limited.

A. Within the first ten days of school students are expected to make all schedule adjustments prior to the opening of school. Student/parent initiated schedule changes made after school begins may be made with parent permission and only during the first ten (10) school days. When a course is dropped within this timeframe, the course will be deleted from the student’s transcript. Courses will be dropped and/or added within this timeframe if space is available, and with counselor or administrative approval for the following reasons:

  1. to balance classes between semesters/trimesters;
  2. to accommodate a senior who may need to make a change to meet graduation requirements;
  3. to adjust for courses completed, with a passing grade, in summer school or through correspondence;
  4. to drop a study hall and add a class;
  5. to accommodate an original request that was not honored due to a scheduling conflict;
  6. to change the teacher – only if the student has had the teacher previously for the same course and he/she failed that course;
  7. to adjust for special/alternative programming; or
  8. to change an inappropriate course level as dictated by the prerequisite.

B. After the first ten days of school Schedule changes made after the first ten days of school must be approved by the parent, teacher, counselor, and building administrator. Courses will be dropped and/or added within this timeframe if space is available with counselor and administrative approved for the following reasons:

1. Adding a course: After the first ten days of a semester/trimester, no courses will be added with the exception of students enrolled in a CCP class. Students who drop a CCP class in accordance with the post secondary partner’s timeline should be permitted to add the HS equivalent if it is required for graduation. The student is responsible for making up missed material.

2. Dropping a course: Before dropping a course, students must complete the Course Drop Request Form/Procedure. Upon receipt of a Drop Request Form it must be determined: (1) whether the student is passing or failing. The teacher makes this determination by averaging the grades from all preceding grading periods, including the current grading period, to arrive at a cumulative grade; and, (2) whether or not the course has passed the midway point of the semester/trimester or year depending upon the length of the course. When both of these determinations have been made, the following will apply: Before the course is midway through, the following criteria will be applied for all high school courses:

a. Before the course is midway through, the following criteria will be applied for all high school courses:

  • If the cumulative grade is a D- or above, the student will receive an F for the current grading period and a WDP (Withdraw Passing) for the remainder of the course.
  • If the cumulative grade is an F, the student will receive an F for the current grading period and a WDF (Withdraw Failing) for the remainder of the course.

b. For students in grades 9-12, after the midway point of the course, the following criteria will be applied:

  • Upon receipt of the request to drop, the student will receive an F in the current grading period and, regardless of whether the cumulative grade is passing or failing, a WDF (Withdraw Failing) will be the grade for the remainder of the course.

3. Level change: A level change means moving up or down a level within the same subject area course. Once a student, parent and/or teacher recognize that the level of difficulty is not appropriate, a level change should occur immediately. Students wishing to change levels shall complete the appropriate Course Level Request Form/Procedures before a level change will be permitted.

Early Graduation

A student may graduate at the end of six or seven semesters provided he/she meets the standard graduation requirements of the State of Ohio and Pickerington Local School District. The student and parent must present a formal written request to his/her school counselor who in turn presents it to the principal for his approval. If the principal approves the request, the written request is then forwarded to the Board of Education for final approval. If the student has not met graduation requirements for early graduation by the requested date, they will be required to return as a full-time student.

Early graduation permission must be secured by following Board Policy.

Credit Flex


Credit flexibility applies to any coursework, assessment or performance completed outside of traditional high school course offerings. If a student is using credit flexibility to receive transcripted credit, he/she must receive approval from the Credit Flexibility Committee prior to starting any credit flex experience.

Credit awarded through this process will be posted on the student’s transcript and count toward a student’s grade point average, class rank, and as graduation credit in required subject areas or as an elective.

Students may demonstrate proficiency through the test-out process or they may propose an educational option that demonstrates course proficiency.

  • Student obtains credit flexibility information/application from school counselor or online.
  • Student discusses credit flex proposal with school counselor.
  • Student and parent develop credit flexibility plan, complete application and submit to school counselor by deadline.
  • Counselor ensures application is complete prior to submitting to principal.
  • Principal convenes credit flexibility committee.
  • Within 30 days, committee reviews application and principal communicates decision to student and parent in writing.
  • If revisions are required, the request returns to the committee at a later date.
  • If denied, the student may appeal to the district superintendent.
  • If revisions are approved, the student implements the credit flexibility plan. Then, one of the two following processes occur:

For course proficiency/test out:

  • School counselor collects test fee (if applicable), orders test materials and schedules the exam.  Counselor arranges test proctor and grades test, or returns completed test to ACT or CollegeBoard.
  • Registrar records grade on transcript and counselor communicates status to student and principal.
  • School log is updated.

For educational options:

  • Student proceeds with plan.
  • Student completes plan and confirms with teacher of record.
  • Teacher fills out grade report and submits to registrar.
  • Registrar records grade on transcript and counselor communicates status to student and principal.
  • School log is updated.


Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical School

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical School District programs are open to all eleventh and twelfth grade students within our district who demonstrate the ability and interest to attend.

Students remain enrolled in and still graduate from this school and are encouraged to continue participation in our high school extracurricular activities.

With programs on two campuses and five satellite locations, Eastland-Fairfield is closer than you think. Satellite programs are offered at Gahanna, Groveport Madison, New Albany, Pickerington North, and Reynoldsburg High Schools.

Download the Eastland-Fairfield Informational Flier (PDF)

Download the Eastland-Fairfield Informational Flier (RTF)