PAS Enrollment

The Pickerington Alternative School (PAS) offers students a new way of obtaining their high school diploma as well as becoming career ready. Enrolling in PAS is as simple as these three steps:

Enrollment Process

Step One: Meet with our Administrator

Step one to becoming a PAS student is to schedule a meeting with Mr. Mike Smith, PAS Administrator.  Mr. Smith will give you the tour of our facility, explain the philosophy of the Alternative School and have you complete your first portion of the enrollment packet.

Contact Mr. Smith to set up your appointment at:

Phone: 1-614-830-2797

Step Two: Welcome Center

Please note: If you are not the residential/custodial parent or if you do not currently live in the district, you should call the Welcome Center at 614.920.6180 before beginning the enrollment process.

The first step in the process is to identify yourself as an “existing” or “new” family in the district.

The registration process begins with parents filling out the online registration form.

Upon completion and submission of this registration, you will receive a verification email asking you to call the Welcome Center to set up an appointment.

At that appointment, you must bring in the following documentation:

  • PDF of online registration summary (if there are any changes)
  • Birth certificate (original or certified copy.) Children entering kindergarten must be 5 years old by August 1 of that school year to enroll.
  • Proof of residence (deed, mortgage coupon, mortgage or settlement statement, signed lease, current electric or gas bill showing name and home address). If you are living with a friend or relative, you must complete a friends and family affidavit.
  • Parent’s photo ID
  • Immunization records (PDF) | Immunization records (RTF)
  • Custody documents, if applicable. (This may include a judge-signed, court-stamped divorce or dissolution document.) If you are not currently the residential/custodial parent, please call the Welcome Center at 614.920.6180, before beginning the enrollment process. Ohio law requires the entire custody document be on file with the school.
  • Individual Instruction Plan (IEP) or Evaluation Team Report (ETR), if applicable.
  • All preschool students must have an approval letter or email from the preschool.
Step Three: Review the PAS Information Packet

Important information about the Pickerington Alternative School, schedules and course offerings can be found in our informational presentation, PAS – A Great Place to Learn. Please take a moment to read through the presentation prior to your meeting with Mr. Phillips.