Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is the district's student information system. We use this system for a variety of purposes, including reporting grades, attendance, storing information about individual students, and communication to parents.

Infinite Campus

About Our Student Information/Parent Communication System

With Infinite Campus, students and parents are able to access information about student schedules, grades, attendance, transportation and fees via the Internet through what is known as the Infinite Campus portal.

Pickerington Schools also uses the Infinite Campus messenger system to communicate with parents for routine messages and emergencies, including school closures, attendance, and behavior issues. Such messages include emails, automated phone calls, and text messages you receive from the district, your school, and even your child’s teacher.

The portal can be accessed from any web browser, as well as through mobile apps that are available for Apple products (iPhones, iPods, iPads) and Android devices. Please note that updates to information should be done through a web browser, not the Infinite Campus mobile app.

Confirming / Updating Your Family's Information

All parents with students in Grades K-12 should confirm their contact information on Infinite Campus, including their preferred email addresses and phone numbers, before the start of each school year.

  • If you already have Parent Portal Account, follow the steps below under “Updating Your Infinite Campus Info and Contact Preferences.” This can only be done in parent accounts. This must be done on a web browser, not the Infinite Campus mobile application.
  • If you have never activated a Parent Portal Account, follow the steps below under “Activating a Parent Portal Account.”
  • Student accounts: Once portal accounts have been created, students will see information pertaining to themselves only. Parents will see information pertaining to all students for whom they are listed as guardians. Only parents can update information.  
Updating Your Infinite Campus Info / Contact Preferences

If you already have activated your parent account (most people)

To confirm and update your information, click the purple “Access Infinite Campus” button at the top of this page and log in to your account. (Remember, updates should be done through a web browser, not the Infinite Campus mobile app.)

If any family, household or student demographic information is incorrect, click on the Update button, enter the appropriate information and click “Submit Update.” If you do not see an Update button, you are in a student account. You cannot make updates from within a student account. You must be in your parent account. If you are in your parent account, your name will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

After submitting your update, you will receive a message in your Infinite Campus inbox after the data has been corrected. Please note that these updates may take several days to verify and approve, so we encourage you to begin this process immediately.

The three primary sections parents should check are “Household Information,” “Family Members” and “Contact Preferences.”

Contact preferences indicate how you want to be contacted (email, cell phone, text) for specific kinds of messages (attendance, emergency messages, general messages.) If you do not want to receive messages on a particular device/email, deselect that device. Note that if certain preferences are not selected, you may not receive messages. If multiple phone numbers and email addresses are selected, you may receive the same message on multiple devices/accounts.

If you do not have an activated account (or if you’ve forgotten your password)

If you have not activated your Infinite Campus account (or have forgotten your password), you must activate one to ensure you receive communication from Pickerington Schools.

To activate a parent account, click the “Infinite Campus Help Desk Ticket” button at the top of this page and fill out the help desk request. Your account will be activated as soon as possible by Pickerington Schools Technology Department personnel. Your username and password will be emailed to you, along with other information necessary to set up an account. With that information, you will log in via the parent portal by clicking the orange “Infinite Campus” link, found at the upper right corner of the district website.

Activating a Parent Portal Account

Almost everyone in the district already has an account, as they are created as part of student enrollment. Some parents have never activated that account, though, and some may have forgotten their user name and password.

Regardless of the grade level of your children, it is important that all parents activate their Infinite Campus parent portal account and confirm their communication preferences. This includes ensuring we have your correct email and phone numbers. Otherwise, you will not receive important communications from your child’s school and the district.

The first step is to try to log into your account. Follow the directions above under “Updating Your Infinite Campus Info / Contact Preferences.”

If you have previously activated an account but have forgotten your username/password, click on the “Help” button.

If you have never activated your parent account, please refer back to the email you received when you registered your child for school. That email (which was titled “OLR Approved”) includes your personal Campus Portal Activation Key. Use the directions in that email to activate your Infinite Campus parent portal account. You may need to look in your email spam folder for that email.

The step-by-step directions in that email are:

  • Select “click here” to the right of “If you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key.”
  • Enter the information exactly as listed on your portal activation key into the boxes there, then click “Submit.”
  • Enter your username, password, and verify password.
  • Click “Create Account” button.
  • Log in to your portal account using the username and password you just created.
  • When asked “Would you like to update your security preferences now?” select “Yes.”
  • Follow the directions given for setting your user settings and preferences.
  • Enter current password.
  • Click “Save Changes” button.

If you no longer have the email or need help, submit an online help request. Fill in all fields.

Your account will be activated by Pickerington Schools Technology Department personnel. Your username and password will be emailed to you, along with other important information necessary to properly establish your account. You may need to check your spam folder for this email.

Activating your parent portal account and keeping your contact information up-to-date will allow you to follow your child’s academic progress at school and ensure that you receive important communications in case of emergency.

Once your account has been activated log into the Parent Portal.

Creating a Student Portal Account
Students in grades K-4 do not have their own student accounts.  The elementary school students’ grades can be followed through the Parent Portal.
Students in grades 5-12 who have never logged in to the portal account should use the following step-by-step instructions to create student portal accounts:

Enter the student’s username and password.

  • The initial username is the student’s ID number (lunch code)
  • The initial password is the student’s first name (as listed in infinite campus with the first letter capitalized) and first three letters of their birth month (first letter is capitalized) and numerical date of the day of their birth and the four digits of their birth year. Please note that for middle school students the password is the student’s first name as it is listed in Infinite Campus followed by the student ID number.
  • Example –  for a student named Billy Smith, formal name William, student ID 123456, and birthday June 5, 1998: Username: 123456 Password: WilliamJun51998. For a Harmon/Diley student, the password would be William123456.

Once logged in, the students will be forced to change their password and to enter an email address for password retrieval in the event the password is forgotten.

Parents are encouraged to assist the students as they set up their accounts. We recommend using your child’s Pickerington Schools email address for student account creation and password retrieval purposes.

Students who have trouble logging in should check with a teacher to see how their name appears in the system and to confirm that their birthday is correct in the system.

Getting Help (Help Desk Ticket)

Before contacting the district Technology Department with questions, please check this FAQ.

If you are having problems logging in to the portal or if you forgot your password, please submit an online help request. A member of the Pickerington School Technology Department will receive your request and assist you.

If you have a question about particular grades or attendance information for one of your children, please contact your child’s teacher directly.

If you do not see all the children for whom you are the guardian or if the guardian information for one or more of your children is incorrect in Infinite Campus, call the Pickerington Schools Welcome Center at 614.920.6180. A staff member will assist you. Please do not call the Welcome Center if you are having trouble logging in to the system or if you have questions about your child’s grades or attendance.

For all other issues, submit an online help request.

We have also posted a user information sheet that contains helpful tips on setting your security preferences and retrieving your password, changing your password, checking your child’s grades and assignments, downloading Campus portal mobile apps for your iOS or Android devices, and much more. Click on the “Portal User Guide” link to the right.

Helpful User Information for the Parent Portal

Pop-up Blockers

Some features of the portal may require having pop-up blockers disabled in your web browser. Please see online documentation for your specific browser for information on disabling pop-up blockers. Pickerington Schools cannot provide technical support for personal equipment or browser settings.

Security Preferences/ Password Retrieval

Please set up your security preferences the first time you log in. This allows the system to send forgotten passwords automatically through your email without the need for Help Desk personnel to manually send it. Preferences can be set up and edited in the “Account Management” screen.

Changing Passwords

Open the Account Management screen. Type a new password (click on the blue circle with the white question mark for helpful suggestions). Create a password that’s 100 percent secure. After retyping the new password to verify, go to the bottom of the screen, enter your current (old) password, then save.

Hover for Helpful Tips

Infinite Campus frequently uses pop-up messages for instructions and additional information. To see these windows, hover over the word or icon. Clicking on icons usually allows you to see more detailed information.


Clicking on the Grades tab will display the in-progress grade for the current quarter (in yellow) as well as the posted (called the “final”) grade for any grading task (including interim marks, semester exams, etc.). These cells are green. Please be aware that the in-progress grades will fluctuate greatly throughout the quarter as teachers enter scores.

IMPORTANT! Please ignore any “in-progress grade” that appears in the final grade area. Pickerington Schools uses a final grade calculation that is run after all quarter grades are posted and may differ from the grade that appears here. Information regarding grade calculations can be found in the student handbook.

Clicking on a specific course will bring up detailed assignment information for the course.

Click on a specific assignment for more detail. Some teachers mark assignments as turned in when they have the work, but haven’t had a chance to grade/record it. Please contact your student’s teacher if you have questions about how they use the grade book.

Assignments without scores

The portal allows students and parents to view assignment scores for past assignments, and also serves as a planner for future assignments. When a teacher creates an assignment, it appears, with the due date, on the portal. These assignments are not calculated in the in-progress grade unless the teacher marks it as missing, or enters a zero. Assignments appear in both the Calendar and the To Do List to help families plan for upcoming due dates.


The Reports tab allows you to print student schedules, unofficial report cards/transcripts, and missing assignment reports right out of the portal.

Incorrect Information

If any family, household or student demographic information is incorrect, click on the Update button, enter the appropriate information and click Submit Update.

Users will receive a message in their inbox once the data has been corrected.

Please note these updates may take some time to verify and approve, especially the first few weeks that the portal is available to parents.

Infinite Campus Mobile Application

About the Apps

Infinite Campus has two mobile apps: Campus Student (for students) and Campus Parent (for parents). Download the free app for real-time access to grades, assignments, attendance, schedules, announcements and more.

Step 1: Students should search for and download “Campus Student” and parents should search for “Campus Parent” in the app store for your device.

Step 2: Open the app. Enter “Pickerington” in the District Name field and select “Ohio” in the State field. Click “Search District.”

Step 3: Click on “Pickerington Local.”

Step 4: Enter your Infinite Campus username and password.

If a “no data to display” box appears after logging into the app, please verify that you’re using the correct version. Remember, parents should download and log into the Campus Parent app; students should download and log into the Campus Student app.

If you receive a “Your account needs attention” error: Log into the Infinite Campus Portal using a web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari). After you successfully log into the portal via a browser, you should be able to log into the iOS or Android mobile app.

For further assistance, please submit an Infinite Campus Help Desk ticket.

Current Issues for Android Users
We have heard some Android users of the Infinite Campus mobile apps may be experiencing technical difficulties in which they see a blank white screen or a white screen with an error message on it. This apparently is a nationwide issue Infinite Campus is working to address, and we believe it only affects Android devices.
For now, it is still possible to access Infinite Campus on mobile devices by logging into the system through a web browser such as Chrome or Safari. A link to access Infinite Campus is available at
Of course, you also can access Infinite Campus via computer and a web browser.