Pickerington's Plan for Progress

Pickerington Schools has completed the development of a Plan for Progress, which will provide a roadmap for the future of the district. The plan will ensure that we are attaining greater levels of efficiency, reaching a higher level of community trust, and graduating students that are prepared for today’s world.

Our Vision and Mission


We aspire to be the school district of choice, improving our community and society by opening doors and providing opportunities for every child, every day.


Educating for Tomorrow

About the Plan for Progress

Our Three Primary Goals

In developing our Plan for Progress, we identified three primary goals:

Academic Excellence

What must we do to engage all of our students in relevant and rich learning experiences that will prepare them for career, college and life?

Efficient Operations

What can we do now to maximize resources and ensure the school district is operating efficiently?

Modern Facilities

Do our facilities reflect the environment needed to be successful in today’s world? If not, name some ways we can improve?

Plan for Progress Process and Finalized Report

Beginning in fall 2018, the District began working on our Plan4Progress (P4P) strategic plan by seeking community input and feedback through the spring of 2019. Then, that spring, representatives from the P4P’s three pillars (Academics, Modern Facilities and Efficient Operations) met and fleshed out the plans for these pillars. Representatives included PLSD staff, board members and members of the community.

The Plan for Progress continues to be a connection between schools and community that reflects resident and staff input, values, and priorities. It’s a contract with our community to ensure Pickerington Schools offers a high-quality education while operating in an efficient manner.

The Plan for Progress officially launched on Aug. 12, 2019 to District staff during Convocation. You can download the full plan and watch a P4P explainer video below.

Pickerington Schools’ Plan for Progress (pdf)

Plan for Progress Explainer Video


Listening Tour Survey Results

In fall 2019, the District began a “Listening Tour” focusing on the Modern Facilities pillar, which ultimately led to the decision to place a bond issue on the ballot in November 2020 to address growth. 

During the Listening Tour, District leaders spoke at several community/school functions in the fall of 2019 thru early 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. After each presentation, a survey was disseminated digitally to attendees. Nearly 300 people responded to the survey(s), and the Listening Tour survey results (pdf) showed that before the pandemic, the Plan4Progress had a lot of momentum. 

Post-Election Survey Results

After the bond issue failed in May 2021, District leaders commissioned a third-party survey by Fallon Research (pdf) which showed that the overarching reason why voters rejected the bond issue is because taxes would have been raised.

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