Jan 29, 2020

Why the Fairfield Co. Reappraisal May Not Increase Your Taxes

The Fairfield County Auditor’s Office recently sent notice to residents that property values are increasing 20-25% across the district. This notice left many residents wondering how their tax bill would be affected, and specifically, if property taxes would also go up 20-25%. In the latest video in Money Matter$ series, Pickerington Schools Treasurer Ryan Jenkins explains how valuation increases work in Ohio counties and how increased property values do not necessarily mean increased taxes.

Jenkins also created a FAQs About 2019 Reappraisal in Pickerington Schools tip sheet with more information.

The Money Matter$ video series is designed to explain sometimes complex financial issues in an easy-to-understand way. And, it’s one of many ways in which the district is working to openly and transparently communicate its effective use of resources that support student learning and achievement — a key goal in our Plan for Progress.

The videos can be found on the District Finances page or on our Facebook page.

Be sure to check on a regular basis for new episodes so you can stay up to date on PLSD Money Matter$!